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How Is Technology Changing the Car Industry?

Technology has been changing the way we live for years, and every year something changes in a way we could never have imagined. From smartphones and the internet providing us instant access to all the information we could need, tech is changing the way we live day in and day out.

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Because of this, it’s safe to say that no industry is exempt from the touch of technology. The automotive industry is no exception to that. In fact, the change from horse drawn carts to cars is a significant technological advancement in itself.

Aside from things such as built in multimedia systems and the ability to stream music via Bluetooth, the car industry has been steadily changing. One of these ways is how cars are sold, with online retailers becoming increasingly popular, as the way we shop continues to change with technological advances.

But what other ways could the automotive industry change thanks to tech and its constant evolution.  Below, we look at a few ways that this could happen.

Driverless Cars

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This is something that’s been spoken about for years now, with the likes of Google spending billions between 2009 and 2015 on developing self-driving vehicles. Other companies are even trying to get in there first, as Google have yet to release a self-driving car commercially.

Even if we haven’t seen a self-driving car pass us on the roads yet, it could only be a matter of years before these become a reality. But, this hasn’t stopped cars from becoming more autonomous in recent years, with advances such as advanced cruise control which almost allows cars to drive themselves.

Gesture Control

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Similar to driverless cars, but not too similar, gesture control could soon help us with many things in the car, without distracting us from the task at hand.

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We often hear about crashes occurring due to the driver being distracted. But with the technological advancement of gesture control, we could completely remove the need to touch screens for the sat nav or even to turn down the volume. Instead, we could be doing it with a quick wave of our hands.

In fact, this type of technology already exists in the BMW 7-series, and others such as PSA Peugeot-Citroen are also developing the technology.

Black Box Tracking

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Although these have been around for quite some time, an advancement in technology could see these black boxes being able to pre-empt problems with your car.

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This means you could be able to find out about any potential issues with your vehicle before it’s too late. Because of this, you’d be able to get the issue seen to and even save yourself some money before it’s too late. This isn’t just great for the car, but your premiums and ultimately your bank balance too.

Progressions in Technology that Will Directly Change the World We Live In

With technological advances happening all the time, before we know it, we may be able to sit back and relax as our cars take us places, without even having to move to turn the volume up or down.

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