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The Most Common Programming Languages and What They’re Used For

Software development is a field that changes constantly, and there are far more programming languages in use than any one person could possible learn. That being said, there are a few that are really important to know. If the IT department at your company has mastered some of the most important coding languages, you can be sure that your company will be ready for whatever 2019 might bring.

What languages are the most important?

Though there are hundreds of languages to choose from, about 12 of them are in regular and common use. The more of these languages your IT department knows, the better situated your company will be. Accelebrate’s on-site training courses are a great way to bring your IT department up to speed on the most important languages.

There are at five languages you’ll want to be sure your IT are able to use. They are Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, and C#. Here is a rundown of when each is used.


Java is by far the most popular programming language out there. At over 20 years old, it is well-established and used in billions of devices all over the world. One of the strengths of Java is its ability to run on any operating system and nearly any hardware device in use today.

Java is worth knowing because it is an industry standard, especially for Android and Windows-based devices. It is also relatively simple and easy to learn, and it is especially useful for working with IoT devices.


Python has grown in popularity in recent years and is an excellent software developer language. It is the most-used language for data mining and machine learning. Web developers also tend to like Python.

Python is particularly good for scripting, for computing numbers, and for web applications. It is an easy program to learn and is far more readable than some other programming languages. The Python community is quite strong and always willing to share their insights with newcomers.


This is the big one: the programming language of programming languages. Other languages move up and down the ladder of popularity, but JavaScript largely remains the same. More than 95% of websites utilize this programming language for their login site. In addition, JavaScript has been worked into front-end frameworks like React, which means it has become even more versatile than it ever.

JavaScript is important to know because it is complex and allows your IT department to exercise more precise control over your website and how it works on a variety of platforms. The language is easy to use, and many front-end developer tools exist to let you get the most out of JavaScript as quickly as possible.


This programming language sits solidly in the middle of the popularity rankings. It’s not the most popular, but it’s still widely used and shows every sign of continuing that trend for the foreseeable future. You’ll find C++ in a lot of firmware, drivers, and games.

C++ is object-oriented, which means it focuses on how to enable a consumer to manipulate objects. Although it is a more difficult code to learn than some others, once a programmer masters it the language makes it easy to write fast, rich programs.


This is another object-oriented program from Microsoft. It was designed to resemble previous languages while being easier to work with. The language has not yet become the most popular out there, but there is still regular and solid demand for it.

If you work with Microsoft programs, this is the language to know. Current products from Microsoft uses this language extensively, and it is built right in to their flagship Visual Studio tool.

There are plenty of other languages out there, but it’s important that your IT be familiar with the most important of them. Get the right training for your company and you’ll increase your competitiveness across the board.

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