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10 Benefits That Prove The Desktop PC Isn’t Dead Yet

The tech world has changed dramatically in the past ten years-or-so. There was a time when desktop PC’s were considered the ultimate in home computing. Now, that has all changed. Laptops are even more common these days, and don’t get us started about tablets, netbooks, and Chromebooks!

It could be argued that the desktop PC is having a rough time at the moment, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While salespeople might be pushing you to get away from it, we’re going to do the opposite. The desktop PC is still very relevant, and here are ten reasons why.

More For Your Money

For years, it has generally been accepted that you’ll get more for your money when buying a desktop PC over a laptop. Some people might point to a notebook or cheap laptop and state that they don’t need high-end specifications. But, when you can buy a desktop with twice the power for the same price, it’s an enticing factor. We could all do with more RAM, more processing power, and a generally more impressive PC interior.

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Easy To Upgrade

When you’re in need of an upgrade to a laptop, most people simply go and buy a new one. You’re not going to find it easy to access a laptop’s innards and replace motherboards, processors, and even RAM sticks. However, some people run the same desktop PCs for years, changing different parts as they go. Everything from a hard drive upgrade to a new graphics card can be fitted by any semi-competent technician.

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Easy To Repair

The ability to get access to the insides of a desktop PC not only makes it easier to upgrade parts but repair them as well. You’ll usually find that small issues like a poorly attached cable or an incorrectly inserted peripheral can be solved with ease. For more complex hardware issues, computer repair services can often provide a quick turnaround due to the ease of access. While laptops can still be repaired by experts, you personally won’t be able to do much at all. Even something as simple as clearing dust out of the fans might be a very tough task to achieve on your own.

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The Perfect Option For Gamers

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll probably have heard of the term ‘PC master race’. It refers to a section of videogame fanatics who believe that the desktop PC is the ultimate way to carry out a gaming habit. The reason for this is that desktop PCs can pack more power than the latest videogame consoles. And, with upgrades to graphics cards and motherboards, the highest possible graphics can be obtained. The same thing on a laptop will cost hundreds or potentially thousands more.

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Productivity & Comfort

While laptops benefit from practicality, they don’t always benefit from productivity and comfort. The great thing about a desktop PC is that you can customize it to your needs. There is a vast range of keyboards, mice, and monitors that allow you to create the desktop setup you need. While it’s true that you can do the exact same thing on a laptop, it almost seems pointless. Unless portability is a huge factor, there’s no reason to buy a laptop over a desktop for practicality and comfort reasons.

Tailored Design

Laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets have varying designs, but they all tend to follow a certain pattern. The same thing can’t always be said about the desktop PC. Take the Apple iMac, for example. There’s a reason that screen is so darn big — it’s there to provide the ultimate design tool for image, video and audio enthusiasts. The same can be said for a variety of other desktop PC models.

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Great For Offices

There are plenty of offices in operation that don’t require their employees to embark on portable computer use. So, for many of the reasons described above, desktop PCs are often seen as the better choice. When buying in bulk, businesses can ensure they get good quality machines for a low price. Their specifications can be tailored (and custom built) to provide maximum efficiency in the company’s line of work. And, a whole host of bulky computers isn’t going to be stolen easily, which is something we’ll talk about later.


More Peripheral Support

As portable devices continue to get smaller and smaller, we’re losing peripheral support. Heck, even DVD drives are starting to become something of the past. Ethernet ports are yet another important consideration that is falling by the wayside. While you can find ways around all of these things by spending a bit of money, you shouldn’t have to. A desktop PC provides multiple ports and drives, allowing you to customize your computer as you see fit. Want to attach four gaming controllers, two keyboards, three monitors and an ethernet cable? It’s theoretically possible.

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Additional Security

As we mentioned earlier, the desktop PC also provides additional security. Laptops are easily lost and stolen. We’ve all heard about stories of confidential laptops being left on a train or stolen out of a bag! The desktop PC prevents any of these instances from occurring simply because of its nature. And, while a late-night break-in presents an easy opportunity to steal multiple laptops, the same can’t be said for desktops. In fact, a criminal might ignore them entirely due to their impractical nature.

Multiple Displays

And finally, while you can hook up a laptop to multiple displays, it’s much easier to do with a desktop PC. You already have one monitor — now you just need to find a couple more! When combined with the power of your computer, you can do all sorts of things with this setup. Gaming can be stretched across all three screens. Video editing can be made even easier. Or, you can simply watch the football game while you do your work.

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No, the desktop PC isn’t dead yet, and I’ll take on all-comers who believe it is! There’s plenty of life left in these devices, and we’ll continue to enjoy them for years to come.

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