Why President Donald Trump is good for the VPN Industry

The Effects of Trump’s Influence on Internet Freedoms

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The United States’ data encryption and national surveillance systems have been beleaguered ever since Donald Trump was elected President.  In fact, it all started during his presidential campaign when he announced that he is pro-censorship and intends to put a stop to net neutrality.

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Just days after the election, Virtual Private Network (VPN) use in the U.S. and even around the globe had significant percentage increase. One reason behind this increase is because many people are fearful that Trump would carry out his campaign threats against immigrants, political enemies, Muslims, and journalists.

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Right into his first year as Head of State, it is a well-documented fact that Trump has had an appalling record on internet freedom. This has not only affected Americans, but also other people across the world.

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On April 2017, Trump signed a congressional resolution that will complete the overturning of internet privacy protections, which was created during the Obama administration. If the bill is signed into law, telecommunications companies will be able to sell your information without your permission.

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In a further assault on internet privacy, in August 2017, the Trump Administration’s Justice Department forced internet-hosting company Dreamhost to turn over data on every person who visited a website that was used to organize the Inauguration Day protests and also served warrants on Facebook, demanding disclosure of information of the account of two activists who led the Inauguration Day protests.

What you need to know about the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality regulation

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed the net neutrality rules which were preserving an open, fair, and competitive internet for all users. When they decided to do this, they defied the advice of security and technology experts. With net neutrality, individuals are free to access all content and applications equally without Internet Service Providers (ISPs) discriminating against specific websites.

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When net neutrality is repealed or without it in place, ISPs will be able to prevent users from visiting certain websites or even provide slower speeds for services. Without net neutrality, bigger technology companies can also purchase priority access to ISP customers. Aside from lots of data security concerns, this move encourages paid prioritization, where ISPs have the power to sell user data to the highest bidders.

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Ironically, Trump has repeatedly used the internet, particularly Twitter as his favorite political tool. During his Beijing visit in November 2017, he repeatedly posted on Twitter despite the fact that China famously bans the social networking site as well as other foreign social media networks. He obviously used his status to circumvent around the ban. Foreigners and overseas visitors get around the sanction by using VPN, which can sidestep the control that Chinese authorities have on the web.

Staying Safe Online By Protecting Your IP Address

These issues on internet freedom have led many Americans and even people around the world to acquire a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider. Internet security experts are recommending that every citizen set up VPN and turn on Private Browsing. This special service allows users to create a virtual private network with an encrypted tunnel, making your online traffic indecipherable and to protect the privacy of the individual’s Internet browsing activities. Aside from personal privacy, corporations also use VPN as a valuable tool to keep their company data private and secure. When VPN is set up in the home or a place of business, it makes internet usage more secure.

How A VPN Can Protect Your Data

The Continued Increase of Virtual Private Networks


Going into Trump’s second year as head of the nation, VPN services has grown by leaps and bounds. While using this service, an ISP won’t be able to see a user’s data and won’t be able to see the website that a user visits. All traffic is routed through VPN servers. This unprecedented growth has made the public more aware of the services that they provide.

Top VPN Services for Private Use

Two of the best VPNs available in the market today are Express VPN and Nord VPN. Currently, these two VPNs lead the market and have high ratings in terms of security and privacy, device compatibility, speed and performance, ease of use, and reliability and support, which are the top things that users are looking for in a virtual private network.

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As long as Trump is president of the U.S. and more internet censorship policies are implemented, there will be more people who will rely on the services of VPN companies to protect their data and web browsing history.  This is the reason why in an inadvertent way, Trump’s election as U.S. Head of State has been good for the VPN industry.

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