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6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

SEO and social media marketing are strategies used by businesses to create their unique identity that attracts customers to visit their websites. The two strategies are interrelated in the sense that a company’s presence on social networks such as Facebook increases its search rankings. Marketers often fail to understand the link between SEO and social media and how the latter can greatly influence Google rankings. This concept is assumed by many marketers and this poses a question on the effectiveness of the strategies employed in social marketing. There are a number of social media practices that can be adopted by an SEO team in order to boost Google rankings. The following six practices are invaluable in boosting SEO.

Increasing the followers

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SEO boosting occurs when followers of a particular website influence its page ranking. A company with many Twitter followers and many Facebook likes gets a boost in page ranking. For instance, 1, 000,000 followers on Twitter and over a million likes on Facebook will boost the SEO of the company. While followers on Twitter can be bought, it is necessary for a company to build its followers in a more organic manner because Google can detect such a practice. Posting articles and opening discussion forums can be a powerful way of building followers on social media.

Encouraging External Site To Link The Content

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Inbound links can be created by a company, giving the authority to certain external websites to link the website of the company. Social media plays a major role in ensuring that there are inbound links to external sites to improve the popularity of the site. Social media acts as a marketing strategy that can improve the performance of the company where links about the company are shared among authorized sites to maximize the potential of SEO.

Opening a channel for searches

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SEO improves the number of visitors to websites by providing a secondary channel, which is used for searching contents about the company. The posts are aimed at providing an opportunity where the company is popular in social media to boost the SEO of the website. The anchor of the posts should be strong to optimize website searches through social media by providing detailed information about the website.

Having an authority on social sharing

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This is where the website anchor influences the content that is shared on the social media to improve the brand through internet marketing where people interact online. External links, which are selected, are required to be popular to reach out a greater market segment through increased social sharing about the content on social media. This in return improves the SEO due to increased popularity. When people are sharing content that is posted, the SEO ranking of the website is boosted due to the increased number of posts on social media.

Optimizing posts locally

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Local communities are encouraged to improve the SEO by updating content relating to the company. The company engages in local events to improve the popularity of the brand. Any posts on the social media by the local communities boosts the SEO. Local optimization includes engaging festivals and encouraging the locals to comment on the social media, thus making the brand popular.

Raising brand awareness

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When there is an increase in brand awareness, SEO is boosted and there will be many visitors to the website. Social media is necessary in improving the reputation of the company, making it possible to have greater searches and to attract potential customers online.

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