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Iron Power of 2017

Robotics is an interdisciplinary field of science and engineering. It includes computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering. Robotics technology creates machines which function as human beings. They may take any form but most of them look like human beings and this resemblance helps in the acceptance of robots in some replicated behavior mostly seen in humans. The robots can be used for any purpose.

Robotics opportunities and newest technologies in robotics industry Robotics opportunities

  1. Creation of robotics has become cheap
  2. This is an era of robotic vacuum cleaners, self-driven vehicles and so forth. All this is because innovations come so fast and cheap these days. If you were to construct a robot twenty years ago, you would have to invest so much. Also, it could take like three years to finish building one robot.
  3. Smartphones are making the robots’ guts cheaper and more effective

Currently, the cost of robot components is 1% what it used to be because of Smartphones. Most Smartphone components are the same components needed in robots; processors, cameras, sensors and batteries.

  1. Engineers do not need to start from scratch because new building blocks exist

Most basic infrastructure for web services or apps is already built and can be acquired at an affordable price. The same applies to hardware. Basic hardware components such as Raspberry Pi and code libraries like Robot Operating System reach lots of professionals.

  1. People can now carry a universal remote control for a robot with them

In the past, it used to be that every gadget should have its own user interface and control panel. But when these devices get connected to the internet, one can control them through devices like a Smartphone. This also saves manufacturers from having to build this functionality onto a device thus saving a huge part of the price of robots.

Newest technologies in robotics industry

  • The recent software gives robots the capability to be modeled in virtual reality accurately. This helps manufacturing solutions using robotics technology to be developed parallel with the item being developed. This minimizes the time needed to create a new product.
  • The recent approach to simulation helps users to model the robot fully, its cell and anything close to it. Improvements in integration at the planning phase up to downstream and upstream systems enables robots to be reconfigured to accept new products effectively.
  • Robots can now leverage clouds to perform enormous data processing and they can share information with the other robots in real time. This is referred to as cloud robotics and it is capable of lowering computing constraints in robots. It also gives robots big brains that enable them to handle hard situations that they could not handle before.
  • Robots also now have access to social media data. They are able to mine data like maps, videos and images. And with the help of Artificial Intelligence techniques like deep learning algorithms, robots acquire new perception capabilities and this expands their understanding ability.


The robotics industry is very beneficial in many places for example warehouses, industries, laboratories and factories. It also boosts the economy since companies require efficiency in order to keep up with the competition. With robots, business owners become competitive because robots perform faster and better than human beings.

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