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30+ DIY Halloween Pranks

Microsoft's Clippy costume made by toothbrushdance.

We here at Infinigeek love all things DIY – and with Halloween quickly approaching (This weekend!) we thought we would celebrate one of the most DIY’ed holidays with some great ideas for making this weekends halloween party a blast! You don’t have to be a modern day Dr. Frankenstein (where did he get his PhD anyway?) or a techie genius to whip up these pranks!

Halloween Prank Ideas #BestBuyHalloween

Affordable technology and availability mixed with some creative ideas are making Halloweens more fun than ever! This year our friends at Best Buy have come up with 5 spooky high tech pranks anyone can pull off that you can use to be the life (or death!) of your Halloween party this year. With all these awesome ideas you will be the Macabre master in your circle of friends in no time! Mix in some spooky sound effects, some spooky lighting, and even some motion detection – and we are just warming up!

Imagine stepping into that bathroom!

Just break out some spooky music or some screams (easy to find in the age of the internet, just grab some MP3s!) and have fun giving everyone in your family or group of friends heart attacks in your usually friendly abode! Accent your tech traps with some of the cheap and awesome spooky stuff you can find in the stores these days for Halloween and voila, you can really deck it out!

These are just cool decorations

The best part is you don’t always have to buy new tech to have fun, you can make due with the tech that you already own! Such as printers, LCD screens, old speakers, computers, jars, bottles, boxes – you are only limited by your Imagination! Check out the full list of spooky ideas and let us know what your favorite ones are! (Ours was the heads in a jar, looks so real!). They give some great examples and you can of course, as you may have guessed, pick up any of that stuff at your local Best Buy (you can shop online and have it delivered as well! or ship it to the store). It may take a little effort but it is sure to give you a Halloween party that will be remembered for years to come :).

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Microsoft's Clippy costume made by toothbrushdance.

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