Avoid Pricey PC Repairs: Fix Your Computer Yourself

Taking your PC into a repair shop can cost an arm and a leg. Whilst some issues may need professional assistance, there are many that you could quite easily do yourself cheaply and efficiently. It pays to check your warranty first, plus any home insurance coverage or expense eligibility that might make going to professional worthwhile. If none of this applies, then you might as well handle it yourself.

Run Check disk

How to Fix Hard Drive Problems with Chkdsk in Windows 7, 8, and 10

If you’re unsure of the cause of the issue, the first step you should do is a run a disk check. This won’t identify all problems, but may be able to point you in the right direction. Even if you’ve dropped your laptop and are pretty sure a cracked screen is all you need to worry about, it may be worth running a disk check just make sure nothing else was damaged in the fall that might not make itself known until later.

Try basic steps

How to Repair a Computer

If disk check brings no joy, try a few basic diagnosis steps. The fault may be simple – many PC technicians get paid simply for removing a programme or replacing a battery pack. Try with another power supply and cable if you are having charging problems. If programmes aren’t opening check your processes in task command. Do anti-virus scans but also make sure your anti-virus software isn’t being too overcautious and blocking harmless programmes. For internet problems, try with Ethernet cables and different Wi-Fi sources. If none of this works, proceed to the next stage.   

Use Google as a guide

Computer Basics:Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Unless you’re a very special case, it’s almost guaranteed that someone will have suffered the same fault as you and has subsequently taken to the internet for advice. They may have posted your very issue on an online forum and an expert may have been kind enough to share details on how to fix it. In some cases there are Wikihow pages and even Youtube guides (especially for hardware repair). Many computer technicians rely on internet forums for advice, and whilst they may have the expertise to fish out the correct repair method more quickly, you’re still better off being patient and researching yourself.

Save costs on parts with online coupons

How to Save Money When You Build Your Own PC

When it comes to ordering parts, you can often save money online by seeking deals. IT technicians may charge over £100 to repair a screen. You may be able to get the same screen for a third of the price online. If you’re coy enough to find yourself a Newegg promo code or some other online voucher on top of this you may be able to reduce this cost even further.

Hire a tech-savvy friend to help

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If all your DIY attempts to diagnose/repair have failed, you may have a tech-savvy friend or relative that you may be able to take advantage of. If they work in IT they may be able to offer you a discount. If it’s a relatively easy job, they may even do it for free. Don’t ignore your network.

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