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The Latest Items for the High-Tech Home

For those who have an appreciation of the latest technology trends — from gadgets to gaming to computers — oftentimes, nothing less than cutting-edge will do.

And with tech being such an integral part of our everyday lives, incorporating forward-thinking pieces of furniture, lighting and appliances into our homes is becoming more common. With continual advances in technology, the newest concepts and products offered up by young and hungry designers are no less than innovative and prove that functional, technology-focused household items don’t have to look or feel boring.

Capture your personality by outfitting your home with the latest and greatest tech-forward pieces to give your living area a retro, futuristic appeal that would make George Jetson swoon.

Speed of light

We got to test these electrical outlet cover lights (they also have a USB charger attachment version) from SnapPower and we were blown away! High tech your house in seconds with these bad boys

Folks who enjoy the contemporary things in life will no doubt agree that lighting is a key feature to take your home from traditional to modern with the flip of a switch. Today, with a variety of sleek and smart designs out there, the purpose of lighting in your living room can be two-fold — both functional and artistic.

Today’s state-of-the-art lighting options include chandeliers, ceiling lighting, display lighting, table and floor lamps, wall lighting and more. Pendant designed chandeliers offer a sculpture-type appeal, while kable and track lighting provide an instant upgrade to any room. They can usually be installed quickly and easily too (like those awesome SnapPower outlets!), no hassle like we had to deal with in the old days.

Want some inspiration? Check out these ultra-cool lighting ideas from Houzz.

Transform your television

CES 2016: Panasonic’s invisible Transparent Display TV

Gone are the days of a simple, flat screen smart TV. Say hello to the transparent TV. This state-of-the art television designed by Michael Friebe is modern in every sense of the word. Its “invisible” design and smart technology combines LCD and TOLED displays, making the TV clear when not in use and in full color when it’s on. This allows for non-transparent/solid moving pictures in full color reproduction and full contrast range. All while not creating a distraction in your home.

Chill out

Touchscreen refrigerators and talking everything at CES 2016

Do more than simply keep your food cold with the latest innovations in refrigerators. The LG Signature Refrigerator sets the standard in smart appliances.

Complete with sensors that make it easier to access your food and cut down on energy use, the refrigerator features a dark panel that turns transparent after knocking on it twice, so you can easily see what’s inside without having to open it. What’s more, it senses when you’re nearby and automatically opens the door for you. And don’t worry. It knows the difference between you and Fido.

How’s that for smart?

The sky’s the limit

Cloud 9 Sofa

And just for fun, the Cloud couch.

Now, come on. This is just insane. Have you ever looked up at the sky and thought about how comfortable it’d be to sleep on a cloud (that is, if it weren’t composed of ice crystals). We all have. This magnetically levitating sofa is the “height” of futuristic relaxation. Though it’s just conceptual at this point, we’re sure hoping it becomes reality in our lifetime.

Protect your investment

little house on the sand beach near sea
5 Ways to Protect a Vacation Home When You Live in Another State

Perhaps just as important as researching and installing the latest tech-inspired pieces in your home is ensuring they are, indeed, protected. A comprehensive home warranty plan, like the ones from Total Protect, keep your expensive items covered in the event of a repair or replacement when things go haywire.

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