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11 Camping Gadgets for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Oh my goodness – I love camping. I love the feeling of setting out for the great outdoors and making tracks for a nice spot in the middle of nowhere. Plus, I love the feeling of being entirely alone and not having to worry about anything to do with internet or anything else like that. Just the feeling of the wind in your face and the sound of the trees in your ears. I love it so much that I have chosen to compile a list of my top 11 things that you simply must have in order to make your next outdoor foray the best thing since sliced bread. These tips are courtesy of the guys at Led Torches Australia!


Cinch 2 man lightweight pop up tent

The ultimate seconds-to-erect pop up tent that you absolutely need to have in your life is called ‘Cinch’ and, in case you’re on the fence, it comes with a solar power pack to charge your phone. Ugh. Perfection. Also comes with LED lighting, LED tent pegs and reflective ropes.

Windcatcher Airpad 2

Where To Buy The Windcatcher AirPad 2 From ‘Shark Tank’ So That It Can Take Your Breath Away In Real Life

I love camping, hate the mattress situation. No longer! Meet the Windcatcher Airpad 2. It blows up in seconds and you don’t need a pump or valves. You also get to sleep like a champ thanks to the four inches of quilted support and bedding. YUM.


Rumpl High Performance Indoor/Outdoor Blanket

Ever been camping and frozen your butt off? Not any more with the Rumpl, an all purpose waterproof throw blanket made from the same stuff as hi-tech outdoor gear. It also comes with an easy-storage sack for hefting it around wherever you roam.

Helinox Table One


A luxury when you’re camping has to be a table – and the Helinox Table One is made from really light material that folds down to pretty much nothing. Perfection.

VSSL Flask Light


Fancy a shot of whisky? You’re going to need the VSSL Flask Light, which is a flashlight and 300 ml drinks flask that contains two shot glasses and a bottle opener. It’s very handy for roaming around in the dark and enjoying a tipple or two.

Fugoo Speaker

FUGOO Tough – Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Go Anywhere Speaker Waterproof Shockproof Mud-proof Snow-proof

While you’re enjoying your whisky, you will probably want to enjoy some tunes – so bring along your Fugoo Speaker which is snow proof, sand proof and waterproof.

Big Big Body Wipe


You might have fallen asleep outside last night – that’s understandable. You will probably need a Big Big Body Wipe to help you out – thankfully they’re towel sized and will allow for the worst of the worst. Your new best festival friend.

Cafflano Klassic

Cafflano Klassic – Portable All-in-One Coffee Brewing System

The thing I miss the most when I’m camping is the taste and smell of freshly ground and deliciously black coffee. You can grind it up wherever and whenever you want with Cafflano Klassic, the world’s first all-in-one portable coffee maker which can grind up the beans and deliver you a great hot cup of coffee wherever on earth you are. It’s truly delightful.

Pico Bottle Opener


The Pico Bottle Opener is an incredible device that is totally miniature and gives you the leverage to pop the top on your favourite bottles.

Matador Pocket Blanket

Full Size Blanket In your Pocket!!

Heading away for a picnic or a beach barbecue? Get a Matador Pocket Blanket which can fold up smaller than a bag of chips and will make sure that you don’t get sand in your sandwiches.



Are you sick of cooking on a dodgy pot and pan set up? Why not invest in something like the Flapot which is a great way to cook and to enjoy your favorite meals while enjoying the great outdoors.

While camping and enjoying the great outdoors is a most admirable pursuit, it’s important to ensure that you take care of the environment as part of your main planning, and that you don’t leave any rubbish behind. Remember that it’s a privilege, not a right to camp and enjoy nature – so treat it as such and it will be there for the next generation, too.

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