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How to Build a Landing Page That Captivates and Converts.

How would you feel if you could increase the amount of visitors converting on your website? Whether you want to convert sign-ups, leads or sales, the web page that you choose to use must work as a conversion machine that captures the visitors attention, interest, curiosity and compels them to take action. A good landing page will draw prospective customers into your marketing funnel and allow you to build your sales pipeline and brand. The team from Soul Digital, a leading digital marketing agency from Melbourne has provided the following tips to help with your landing page development.

Get a great design!

680+ Landing Pages & Templates

The more attractive and professional the page looks, the easier it will be to incorporate your landing page strategy. Websites such as Instapage, Leadpages and Pagewiz provide website owners with ready-to-install templates for their web properties. No web design is needed. Simply install the relevant widget or the HTML code to view.

Take the time to develop great headlines and subheadlines.

5 Landing Page Headline Formulas Tested

A great headline will sell the idea and story that you want to get across to the reader. People will either scan the content for the most important points or they will analyse the content word for word. Headlines help to make the content more digestible for the reader and should also reinforce the sales or persuasion message of the web content.

Types of headlines that tend to work well include:

11 Tips for Great Landing Page Headlines

  • Sales and promotional offers, such as freebies, discounts or bonuses.
  • Addressing the core problems of customers that gives them pain or frustration.
  • Opening up dialogue with a question?
  • Capturing attention with bold statements such as Urgent, Shocking and Warning!

Advise customers what they will lose by not converting.

9 Irresistible Incentives That’ll Grow Your Email List Like Crazy

Fear of loss is a powerful tactic to use when persuading people to convert. The landing page should demonstrate this with a limited-time offer such as a ‘one-time offer’. This could be a heavily discounted offer available until they exit the web page. It is important that the website follows through with the offer’s expiration.

Make good use of digital assets including video, images and audio.

Take Full Creative Control With Flexible Landing Page Templates

Images can tell a thousand words and illustrate the main points that you are trying to get across in your landing page copy. Videos can narrate the dialogue while providing a visual illustration of the message that is being communicated. MP3 audio files or podcasts can also be used to increase the engagement of the user on the landing page. Using the different digital assets can help to qualify the lead so they will be more valuable when they convert.

Use endorsements and testimonials to your advantage.

Testimonial Examples Design Ideas

Happy customers will sell the product or service ten times better than any salesperson in the business. It’s important to use strong testimonials that will reinforce confidence in the prospective lead. Use testimonial quotes with pictures and even video referrals if you have the opportunity.

Additionally, if the product or service has received accolades, awards or recognition for excellence, be sure to show these achievements on the landing page to help drive conversions.

Ensure the web page loading time is quick.

11 Great Landing Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy

The landing page won’t have any chance to drive conversions if the content doesn’t load for them. To minimise bounce rates and gain more web users into the marketing funnel, ensure the lead page loads within 2 seconds when being requested.

Make it easy for the web user to convert.

10 great landing page designs

Use buttons and forms that are bold and that clearly instruct the web user of the action that they should be taking. For example, should they fill out their details in a web form to request a call back? Or should they click a button to proceed with the sale? The easier it is for them to navigate through the marketing funnel, the more conversions the site should achieve.

Good landing pages convert qualified leads and generate sales for the business on autopilot. The more quality landing pages that can be developed, the better the website should perform. Revisit your web pages and review them with the tips that have been provided to see which improvements can be made to your website’s landing pages today!

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