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Innovative Vehicle Technologies For 2022 And Beyond

It’s no secret that the idea of self-driving cars instills excitement in everyone. As a result, countries worldwide have started planning for and deploying driverless cars, propelling growth in the autonomous vehicles industry by 16% annually, according to statistics on G2. The automotive sector is always fast to adopt new technologies. But in recent years, vehicle tech has been advancing at a rapid speed. And if the technological innovations over the last decade indicate the future of the automotive industry, we can expect the next automobile models to be different from what we drive. If you’re keen to embrace new car technology, below are some innovative vehicle technologies for 2022 and beyond. 

Perception Sensors


Sight and hearing are the most vital senses required for navigating roadways safely. Unfortunately, automobiles, even the autonomous ones, don’t have these senses, so they only depend on sensory technology to perceive the world they are in quickly and precisely. Ideally, automobile sensors play a critical role in monitoring engines, aiding driver and passenger protection, and tracking emissions and fuel consumption. 

Currently, vehicles rely on several sensing systems, such as radar, LiDAR, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors. While these sensors are effective, they have some limits. But with the adoption of high-level autonomy cars, we can expect incredible advancements in sensory technologies like 3D mapping of traffic conditions, gesture recognition, and far infrared technology. 

Exit Warning Systems

How Automakers Are Fighting ‘Alarm Fatigue’

The primary function of the exit warning system is to prevent dooring accidents. It works by sending alerts once it detects oncoming cars or bikes. For exit warning to work effectively, it relies on rear-looking sensors, which activate a light to notify passengers of vehicles or cyclists approaching. 

It’s worth noting that the design of the exit warning system differs from one model to another. Some exit warning systems feature advanced door locks that prevent doors from unlocking when a passenger fails to see or hear the notification. Therefore, if you’re looking to get a new ride and comparing car makes and models, make sure to review how this system works in different vehicles. Choose a model with an exit warning system that matches your needs alongside safety features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and brake assist.

Augmented Reality

Are You Ready for Augmented Reality in your Car?

Augmented reality or AR has gained a lot of popularity in the gaming industry, but its application is expanding quickly in the automobile sector. Some car manufacturers are already harnessing the power of augmented reality in their vehicles. For instance, PSA Groupe, owner of Peugeot, Opel, and Citroen, has developed an AR-powered heads-up display system for their cars to enhance road safety. In the next coming years, AR applications in the car will go beyond enhancing safety. By integrating AR software in vehicles, it will handle multiple tasks. This includes terrain mapping, automating parking, and augmenting marketing. 

Technology is transforming our lives and the industries we have built-in significant ways. And the automotive industry isn’t an exception. Every day, vehicle technologies continue to advance, thus improving the driving experience. In 2022, we can expect to see many tech innovations in cars, including perception sensors, augmented reality, higher levels of autonomy, and exit warning systems. 

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