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The 6 Crucial Steps of a Successful Ecommerce Site Launch

Launching an ecommerce site is an extremely exciting time in any entrepreneur’s life. There are however some common pitfalls and mistakes that can make that journey more difficult than it needs to be. Therefore if you are on the verge of launching your ecommerce site then check that you have taken the following six crucial steps to ensure that your launch is going to be a huge success.

Your Brand

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Before you think about anything else you must first make sure that you have created a powerful brand and that all your branding is air tight. All ecommerce sites need a solid business name, something that makes your company distinctive and recognisable. Something that communicates who you are and what you do. From there you should also have created a logo and branding that will reinforce the values of your business and that will make your company memorable and unique. Once this has been done you will then need to register your company name and the domain of your website in order to be ready to launch.

Employer Identification Number

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After you have registered your business and your website and you have researched how to properly trademark your new brand you will then need to get on to getting your employment identification number. This number will be crucial for all business activity, including opening a bank account for your business,  invoicing and drawing up your taxes. Every business owner need an employment identification number, regardless of whether it is just you or whether you will employ staff, so this needs to be taken care of before you launch your ecommerce site.

Understanding the Internet

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As the bread and butter of your business is going to be the internet then you are going to need to live, eat and breath everything that is the great wide web in order to truly know what to expect and what you might come up against in the first few months of launching your new site. Understanding everything from the the deep web to website codes all the way to the most common cyber crimes, there is a lot to learn. Having your own online business is a continual learning curve so don’t feel that you need to know everything before you get started. Just making sure that you are constantly continuing to educate yourself about the weird and wonderful world of the internet will ensure that you are competent in your field.

Getting Your Head Around Ecommerce Logistics

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The success of an ecommerce site is not just about knowing your business, your products and your website. An enormous part of your company is going to be logistics. Therefore it is crucial that you are spending time getting your head around how the logistics of your company is going to work. Make sure you are focused on having all your logistics and any logistical partners, that you plan to work with, in place and ready to go for when those orders start rolling in.

Business Licenses

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One other element that needs to be in place before you launch are your business licenses and permits. Before anyone can launch an ecommerce site it is imperative to ensure that all the correct business licenses and permits are properly organised and in place. These can be different depending on where your business will be registered and the type of business that you plan to launch. Therefore you should check with your local council who will be able to advise you on the types of licenses and permits you are going to need in order to be legally trading from your home or office address.

Being Clever With Your Choice of Vendors

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As your site is going to be all about buying and selling you are going to need to make sure that the partnerships you are building on are going to be solid and reliable. Therefore you are going to need to put in a lot of research into the best vendors for the products that you want to sell and you will need to research the reputation of the vendors that you are looking into. The cornerstone of any successful ecommerce site lies in good vendors and good partnerships surrounding your business. If your vendors let you down, then you let your customers down and your business is going to struggle. Therefore you will want to be negotiating for the best price and to be building good relationships with the top vendors that you want to go into business with.

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