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Geeky Ways to Beat the Casino

If you’ve seen the movie 21, you know that beating the casino isn’t easy, but it is possible. You just need to be clever, smart, and maybe a little geeky. And, you need to utilise the right strategies. Here are some trusted methods experts have used to beat the casino:

Counting Cards in Blackjack

The Mathematics of the Movie “21”

This method takes some brains and skills, but it’s not impossible. To count cards correctly, you need to start by assigning a value to each card and mentally keep a running count of each card as it’s played. Over time, you will be able to figure out the “true count” and use that to place your bets.

Change your bets when the count rises. So, for example, if you draw a ten and a six, you may wonder whether you should draw another card. If you’ve been doing the work all along and have been counting cards, you may know that there are many low cards left in the deck. Therefore, you may choose to draw a card and have an excellent chance of getting to twenty-one. This method takes time, but can be a sure way to win in most variants of Blackjack, even in Spanish 21, which is already considered to be a Blackjack variant with a low house edge.

Beating Roulette

A Mathematician Has Built a Machine That Can Beat The Odds in Roulette

In order to encourage gamblers to spend more money while playing Roulette, some top casinos allow gamblers (Canadians, in this case) to place bets even after the wheel is released (yes, even online), but right before the ball is dropped. During that short time frame, it’s possible to measure the variables and make an educated guess about where the ball will end up. If a player can rule out at least half of the targets, his or her chances are far higher.

A mathematician in California once built a machine that was able to calculate where the ball would land. He was successful and won quite a bit, but eventually, the casino kicked him out. They have a right to throw out players that are winning too much. So, if you’re feeling it, try this method out. It may not be easy to build the machine, but your chances of winning if you do will go way up.

Try the Laser Scanner Method

This Website Can Teach You to Count Cards Like an MIT Math Genius

This is another successful method for winning roulette. Two Serbian men and a Hungarian woman were arrested in 2005 for building a laser scanner that allowed them to increase their chances of winning roulette, with the laser scanner linked to a computer. The trio won over $1m and were allowed to keep the money, as the court ruled that they were innocent and did not do anything illegal. The first night they used the machine, they won around $100,000 and the next evening, they won around $1.2m.

The scanner was able to determine the speed of the ball as it rolled on the roulette wall and thus predicted where it was most likely to land. Not a bad way to win some money – but the general rule of thumb is, that if something is likely to cause upset to a casino and get you kicked out, it’s probably not a good risk to take.

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