Your Old iPhones Resurrected

If you are an iPhone fan, the chances are you have bought every generation, which means you have two or three older models rattling around in a drawer somewhere. Not exactly unloved, but certainly unused, a sad state of affairs given the fact that you can do so much with these great old phones.

20 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old iPhone

Early generation phones

For example, you can still use a first generation iPhone as a everyday mobile phone. The only problem is that very few Apps are backward compatible. Inevitably, a phone that is running iOs 3.1.3 is going to have limited capabilities, when compared with a modern smartphone. However, that said they do work OK as spare phone, and certainly get you noticed when you use one in a crowded bar.

You need to bear in mind that one day soon these 1st generation handsets are going to be valuable collector’s items. Therefore, if you do have one, that is still in good condition, putting it in a box and keeping it safe might be wiser.

7 useful ways to resurrect your old iPhone from the junk drawer

3G iPhones

The 3G and 3GS are both renowned for their ruggedness. They make great spare phones for joggers, bike riders, and those who love to be out and enjoying sport.


Generation 4

Sadly, Apple no longer supports this generation of phone, but they actually do make good smartphones. The 4 and 4S have more or less the same functionality as many modern phones do. These make fantastic media centres, and are easily turned into baby monitors, security cameras and dedicated clocks.

That’s Not How You Use It: Putting Your Old iPhone to Good Use

The iPhone 5

This phone is up to date enough to make an acceptable gift for a young relative. However, they might be a bit disappointed by the lack of TouchID. A better use may be turning it into a media centre for your kid’s bedroom. You can find out how to do that, here.

How to make a DIY action camera (use an old phone)

The 5C and 5S

These are very versatile phones. They are great for converting into a dedicated navigation system for your bike, or even the car. It is easy to buy brackets that allow you to mount them on practically any vehicle.

If you have more than one of these phones in the family get them out connect them to your Wi-Fi, and set up a full CCTV system. They are great for use as granny cams, and make good baby monitors too.

HOW TO: Turn Your Smartphone into a Security Camera | DIY IP WebCam

In addition, of course, you can still update them to the latest iOs, so you can continue to use them without losing any of the functionality other users are enjoying.

Broken iPhones

If you are looking for iphone repair, you can easily find someone to do the work. You are going to struggle a bit if you live in a town, but given the fact that most of the best repair firms offer a postal service means that getting your old iPhones repaired has never been easier. It is wise to get a quote before sending off your phone.

iPhone DIY repair: Ultimate guide to fixing your iPhone 5

If you own an older model, you will usually have to look harder for a repairer. The parts are available, but because there is less demand, fewer firms focus on this sector of the market.

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