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4 Apps That Could Change the Way You Do Business

A March 2013 study showed that 66 percent of small businesses currently use mobile devices for their business. To help the innumerable people who use smartphones and tablets for their business needs, there are countless apps that can help business people. Consider these 4 apps that can help change the way you do business.

1. Evernote

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Evernote consistently hits the top of the lists for one of the best business apps. It’s no wonder that, according to, the company’s array of tools are currently being used by more than 34 million people across all its various platforms. But what exactly can Evernote do to change how you do business?

Evernote is an organization app, allowing you to store all your notes, contacts, recipes, journal entries, and more in the same place. With it, you can take your entire workflow of business tasks digital, putting everything in one convenient location. Take notes at meetings, jot down ideas, and make to-do lists from any device and sync it with your other devices so that you can access your notes from anywhere. Take photos, clip web pages, and create text to store all your ideas and notes, no matter what industry you work in.

2. Mortgage Calculator

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If you’re a real estate agent, then a mortgage calculator app, such as the one Adonis Apps created, can help you with business duties while on-the-go. For example, when you’re showing a house and your clients start asking questions, you can calculate their mortgage rates straight from your mobile device, helping you serve your clients better while saving time. Or if an app like this doesn’t have the functionality you need, then you can create your own real estate app for your business with Simplikate Systems.

3. Expensify

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No matter what industry you’re in, Expensify is a useful app for people who file expense reports. In 2012, the app was nearing its one million user mark, making it a popular and highly rated business app. Log expenses, take photos of your receipts, manage reports on the go, and organize it all straight from the app. You can even sync your bank and credit card accounts to the app to track transactions as they occur. Forget about keeping huge files of papers; instead, take a step into the digital world and change the way you manage your business finances.

4. Square

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Square is a must-have app for small businesses, particularly ones that process on-site retail transactions. Designed by Twitter’s app developer, Square allows you to accept credit card payments from anywhere with your mobile device. Take the app with you while you travel, or keep it with you in your shop.

All you need is the free card reader and the free app. Plug the reader into your device and start accepting credit cards for just a 2.75 percent convenience fee per transaction. This app is sure to change the way you charge your customers, making it easy and convenient for both of you.

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll find that these apps can help people in every area of business, making life a bit easier while saving time and energy.

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