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Top 3 NFL Apps for Android in 2013

So, you recently got a smartphone and you love that you can easily watch movies, check your email, and search the Internet. What you may not know, though, is that you have your choice of top NFL apps for your Android and iOS devices. You can watch games, check out the latest news reports, keep up with player stats, and so much more. Check out these top apps.

NFL Football News

The Best Apps For The NFL Season

The first thing you need to do is have an app that allows you to have access to the latest news and updates about the games, players, and standings. NFL Football news does that for you. Every team has a dedicated page on this app.

There’s no doubt there are other apps worthy of high praise for news-style articles, such as Verizon’s NFL Mobile app dedicated to this server, but the NFL Football news app is still worthwhile. It will keep you up to date all the time.

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile Apps

One of the top paid-apps for the National Football League is the NFL Mobile app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Access the app and you’ll have instant access to game highlights. Even better, you can easily check out live games on this app. You can get standing information, check out the game’s stats, learn player stats, and even check on rival teams.

One of the drawbacks of this game, though, is that it requires a lot of data usage. That means that unless you have Wi-Fi access somewhere, you’ll need an unlimited data plan if you are a diehard player. If you are a Verizon customer, be sure to check out special promotions which may make viewing free to you.

ESPN Scorecenter

ESPN ScoreCenter App

If you don’t want just NFL promotional apps and want something with more robust features, not to mention year-round information and various sports overviews, ESPN Scorecenter is the route to take. This app is nice because you get live updates from virtually every professional game. Many college games are covered too, just in case you decide to head to an NFL game instead of a college game this season.

The app is also very easy to use, even though it packs a lot of information into the screen. It’s also great for those who have a fantasy team and want up-to-date player standings. Overall, it is the top-rated non-NFL app because of its completeness.

So, let’s say you have Alabama Crimson Tide Football Tickets and can’t miss the game of your favorite team. With this app, you can easily watch for live updates and player updates. You can also check out what rival teams are doing.

Your sports fix, no matter if it’s for fantasy plays or live game coverage, is available on these apps for both your Android and iOS phones or tablets. Easy, fast, mostly free, and always with up-to-date information, you’ll never have to suffer through another meeting or long, boring family dinner again.

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