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Fixing Your iPhone X’s Rear Glass

The iPhone X was a huge deal for Apple. The phone had an incredibly different look. Apple made a number of daring changes to their phone’s design with this model. This included the notch display and the removal of a physical home button and a headphone jack. Despite the mixed opinion about the iPhone X’s design, the phone became a massive success. Apart from having a fresh design, this phone also had a very pleasing aesthetic. Its stainless-steel sides and glass back made the phone look fantastic. But just every other iPhone, the iPhone X was not exactly robust.

The iPhone X’s rear glass made the phone really fragile. The slightest drop resulted in the phone’s back getting cracked or completely shattering. And to make things worse, Apple was charging up to $600 for a new back panel. Their justification was that the iPhone X’s glass back was really hard to remove. They weren’t wrong about that; Apple made the glass back ridiculously hard to remove. It was held in place by a strong adhesive and was impossible to remove without breaking it. This made it hard to get inside the device for any sort of repairs.

Fortunately, there are always people out there who find workarounds to everything. We now have plenty of iPhone X technicians who can repair your phone. And for a lot less than what Apple would charge you. Breakfixnow has a great team of Apple technicians at its disposal.

Today, we’re going to go through the process of replacing your iPhone’s rear glass and why is it so tough.

Why is The Replacement Process So Difficult?

The iPhone X’s Back Glass Is Fragile and an Expensive Nightmare to Repair

Usually, smartphones have their back panels held in place with a thin layer of adhesive. This adhesive is applied to the edges of the back panel. It can be removed with a bit of patience and a heat gun. However, the iPhone X’s entire back has adhesive applied to it. This “fuses” the back panel with the rest of the phone. Making removal incredibly difficult. If you look for advice online, most people will simply tell you to not attempt the repair.

The iPhone X was by far the most repair unfriendly phone made by Apple. The only way to remove the glass panel is with the help of specialized tools. In fact, the easiest way to carry out this repair is to remove all of your phone’s components from the device chassis and installing them in a new chassis.

To make matters worse, Apple decided to place the X’s camera bump on top of the rear glass. Meaning that in order to remove the glass back, you must first remove the camera bump.

Is a Perfect Rear Glass Replacement Possible?

Basically, Apple has designed the iPhone X to be repairable only by the company itself. Which is quite unfair as they’ve just made things difficult for their customers. However, this does not mean that you cannot rely on third party technicians. You just need to find incredibly experienced technicians who know what they are doing. The iPhone X costs a whopping $1000, so you should make sure that you hand it over to someone reliable.

There are some videos on the internet that have shown people how to remove a shattered rear glass panel on the X. One method involved dousing an iPhone with liquid nitrogen. This freezes the adhesive holding the panel and makes it brittle. After dousing the panel with liquid nitrogen, you must remove the back-panel piece by piece.

Removing a damaged back-panel is the difficult part. Once it has been removed and all the adhesive has been cleaned, you can install a new panel. Replacement panels made by third parties can be bought for a small price. And they also look authentic so you don’t have to worry about your device’s looks being ruined. A new panel can be attached with double sided tape.

The quality of this repair will depend completely on the person performing it. If they are thorough and patient, your phone can go back to looking brand new. However, if they do a sloppy job, it will become obvious that your phone’s back has been replaced.

A Word of Advice

Best iPhone X cases: how to wrap and protect your all-screen iPhone

We would suggest that you should not use your iPhone X without a protective case. This device is expensive, fragile, and hard to repair. You should take whatever steps you can to ensure that it remains safe. A protective case and a glass screen protector are both necessary for any iPhone X owner.

Also, if your phone does become damaged, you shouldn’t rely on Apple for any help. Apple will charge you more than half the price of your device for replacing its back panel. Just remember to be extra careful with this smartphone.

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