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Traversing Your Tiers: Marketing Across Multi-Channels

Marketing is all about the tools of the trade. Whether it is having the right software or understanding your audience, ensuring that you market yourself correctly is about the right strategy. And every business, big or small, is determined to cast the net as wide as possible. But this means working traversing the tiers, in other words, marketing across multiple channels. However, it is not as simple to put your brand on every channel, from social to visual media, and everything in between. This means having the right multi-channel marketing approach. But how can you do this effectively?

Targeted Communications

4 Actionable Steps for Multi-Channel Marketing

Firstly, you’ve got to understand the medium used by your target market. If your target market predominantly uses smartphones, you’ve got a very tailored approach. This is where you can utilize the resources of mobile advertising companies to increase your scope, but you need to target them appropriately. Consumers are now bombarded with brands, and this makes it easier than ever to disengage. Using personalized messages is one key approach. Personalization is now more important than ever, primarily due to the sheer volume of competition.

Understanding the Difficulties With Multi-Channel Marketing

A Simple 3-Step Approach to Increasing Conversions and ROI with Social Media Advertising

It is not easy to determine which aspects are the most effective. You can always look at your open rates for an email campaign, for example, but a campaign that is spanning a wide variety of channels gives you many different opportunities for interaction. So how can you determine which is the best one? You can look at some of the following attribution models to give you an insight:

  • First interaction 
  • Last interaction 
  • Time decay 
  • Linear interaction 
  • Position based interaction

Using an attribution model doesn’t just give you a better insight, but it helps you to budget your resources across all the channels. Because you need to utilize the best platform for your needs, and as your budget is not infinite, it is incredibly important to have an attribution model.

Choose More Than One Channel, but Not Hundreds

The Importance of Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

We cannot underestimate the importance of appearing on multiple channels, but there is a fine balance. No doubt you are using multiple channels to increase your reach, but you have to make sure that you are choosing the right platforms. On a simple level, if you are looking to promote to professionals, you would be far better using a platform like LinkedIn rather than Facebook. When you start to use the right channel to engage your prospects, it is far better at speaking to someone in their own language. The big mistake many people make is stretching themselves too thinly. And when you start to promote yourself across multiple channels, the sheer workload alone is not enough to sustain.

Marketing yourself across multiple channels is not easy, but you have to make sure the strategy is in place first. By targeting your prospects, while also understanding the difficulties for your business, in addition to using the right handful of platforms, you will be able to make a far more concerted and focused effort to engage the right people.

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