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Superman Vision for DIY Project

Now you are the handyman in your own home!

Imagine a tech device so advanced that it can see 4 inches deep through walls, locate wires, metal pipes, plastic and studs. This is Walabot DIY. Now you are the handyman in your own home!

The All-Seeing DIY Tool is Here!

I’ve never been the type of person who was good at do-it-yourself activities around the home. To put it mildly, my handiwork often resembled leftover macaroni and cheese – it was a mess. The problem was that I never knew what lay behind the walls. The problems I faced in my home were related to electrical cables and studs. I recall one time when I took an axe and chopped into the kitchen wall for a project. You can imagine the outcome.

The Eureka Moment!

With Walabot, Your Phone Can “See” Through Walls And Pan For Gold

So, I began my search for a tool that would help me to get things done as efficiently as possible. To cut a long story short, I was in desperate need of an education in DIY work. I turned to the high-tech sector in search of a solution. To my surprise, I found that there are space-age tech devices capable of seeing through walls. Can you believe that? The advances in technology for DIY handiwork are amazing today. It is possible to use your smartphone with additional technology to literally ‘see through’ walls, the backs of closets, foundations, and ceilings, in search of electrical cables, unwelcome creatures, and other structural hazards. This was the Eureka Moment I was hoping for.

X-Ray Vision Works Beautifully with My Tools

Often, it’s a trial and error activity when making structural changes to a home. It gets pretty messy using hammers, jackhammers, axes, choppers, wrenches, and other tools. Trust me, I know.  Fortunately, the use of smart technology to ‘see’ what we can’t has made it much easier to locate reinforcements, studs, pipes, electrical cables, and other hazards in our homes.

Look Before You Chop

By looking through your walls, your DIY work gets much easier. There’s no need to do ‘exploratory chopping’, since you have your own visual device mapping out your work activities. You’ll be able to detect wires, rebar, studs, and other structures within your home before you even take to a hammer and smash things to pieces. I’ve yet to come across anything quite as amazing. Whether you’re a part-time DIYer, or a full-time enthusiast, this is a tool that you want in your resource kit.

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