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iOS 16 Provides Apple With A Chance To Consolidate 12 Months Of Upheaval

Apple has hit the news several times over the past twelve months. Of most note has been their changes to privacy and data gathering, something promoted as a positive that has nonetheless been at odds with their own ad promotion policies, according to Entrepreneur. At the same time, there have been positive tracts, too; in particular, certain privacy policies are being highlighted as an essential pushback against data gathering processes used by Facebook and other advertisers. With iOS 16 now up and away, this serves as a useful time for Apple to bookend a period of uncertainty and move forward.

Greater levels of utility

Apple iOS 16 Released: Here’s Everything New on Your iPhone

One great change that iOS 16 is bringing is an amendment to how focus mode works. According to USA Today, focus mode upgrades mean that users will have much greater control over how they move between their focuses, for example between work and play. With this comes some necessity for technical know-how – help forums and Apple gurus will be in hot demand to help deal with the teething pains of the wider market. iPhone tutorials are an essential part of managing any new feature, and Focus will be a big part of that. The good news is that Apple’s overhaul of their proprietary technology means it should be easier than ever to navigate these changes at first.

Improving privacy

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Of course, privacy and user control is a big part of Apple’s purported most recent focuses. According to CNBC, iOS 16 operates in pursuit of this again. Through the OS, users will be able to amend and edit iMessages, including totally deleting them from Apple storage, ensuring that information they want removed from the record will – screenshot evidence aside – truly be removed from the record. This is a nod towards giving users more power and control over their data and how they use devices, and a welcome change for those with a mind towards privacy.

Problems on the horizon

Apple iOS 16 Release: Should You Upgrade?

Not everything about the release will be positive. In an otherwise glowing review of the software suite, The Verge did highlight potential issues over compatibility with current development software, raising questions over the ability of third party developers in creating the apps and functions that the phone will eventually rely on – users don’t typically stick to the core app offering that’s put into place by Apple, though it is an essential part of the Apple experience. Navigating the software changes brought about by the iOS 16 overhaul will be a challenge, as will ensuring that data collection and use practices of the apps meet with the modern standards being promoted by Apple.

iOS 16 is likely to be good news. It’s slicker, it has better features, and it engages with the pro-consumer privacy protections being promoted by Apple. Time will tell if software development is intuitive as these new features appear, and this will be the make or break of the new OS suite.

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