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5 Facts about Apple

Founded in 1976, tech giant Apple has become a household name and a popular choice for many. From laptops to TV productions, here are five facts about Apple that might just surprise you.

First Apple Product 

Apple I

The very first product made by Apple was the Apple 1, all the way back in 1976. It was a desktop computer, hand-built by Steve Wozniak, and was retailed for $666.66, which is over $2000 today. Only 200 were made, and up until recently, one was on display in the Computer History Museum, in California, before being put up for auction in March of this year. 

18-karat gold watch

Three versions of the Apple watch were first introduced in 2015, and one of them was made of 18-karat gold. This watch, the Apple Watch Edition, retailed for $17,000. Now in its 6th series, there is a huge variety of Apple watches to choose from. Superwatches can help you decide by collating all the specifications and information on the available types and putting them into an easy-to-use guide.

2019 Mac Pro


The Mac Pro, which was announced in 2019, is currently the most expensive Apple product ever. It starts at $6000, but completely kitted out, this product will cost you up to $52,000. It is designed for professionals such as game developers and film editors, so the next Hollywood blockbuster you see could have been made using one of these! Despite the power, the Mac Pro is compact and carriable, moving away from previous cylindrical designs, and features handles at the top for easy access to the interior. 

Apple TV

In recent years, Apple has joined the host of online streaming services, making original content shown on Apple TV+. The very first show was a reality show called ‘Planet of the Apps,’ which premiered in 2017. Since then, Apple TV+ has gone on to produce drama, animation, comedy, documentaries, and features films, including the Emmy-award winning ‘The Morning Show.’ An estimated $6 billion dollars has been spent on the original programming, and the service is available in over 100 countries. 


Apple Reduces App Store Fees For Small Companies To 15%

In the Apple App Store, there are an estimated 1,837,631 apps currently available. Apps are submitted to the store by developers and can be anything from games and music to health trackers and shopping. Once submitted, Apps are reviewed before appearing in the store. Apple announced recently that their iPhone App of the Year for 2019 was Spectre Camera, an app that uses AI to allow you to take long-exposure photographs. Popular apps in the Apple Store continue to be TikTok, YouTube, and WhatsApp, with other social media and messaging apps following suit. 

With a net worth of $750 billion (2018), Apple has certainly come a long way since it first started in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage. It’s interesting to look back at its history and see how far the products have come. Looking forward, there are plenty of rumors and suggestions as to what will be released next, but you will just have to wait and see what Apple has in store for the rest of 2020.

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