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Satellite TV Has Changed: Now More Techie and Cool than Ever

You might see satellite TV as a clunky, old fashioned technology as compared to cable or internet streaming, but many of the recent developments in satellite TV service will likely take you by surprise if you haven’t touched the services in a while or have never had satellite TV.

If you think about pay-per-view events when you think about satellite TV, you’re not wrong; it’s been a hallmark of satellite TV service for a long time. There’s more to satellite TV than just WWE events, though. Recent developments have lead to HD picture quality and innovative uses of other entertainment devices. And, you can order a movie instantly; you don’t have to wait until it’s on the schedule.

3D Programming Now Available

The Future of 3D TV and Why ESPN Dropped Its Pioneering Channel (Analysis)

Some satellite TV providers already offer 3D channels, and as 3D TV technology advances, satellite TV will be on the leading edge of bringing 3D entertainment straight to your home. DIRECTV is a great option that offers 3D entertainment with their 3net offering.

HD DVR Better than Ever Before

DirecTV HR20-700 HD HDTV DVR Satellite Receiver

Satellite TV allows you to record your shows and watch them at any time, in HD, even if you’re already watching something else. Not at home? No problem. You can schedule recordings to your DVR using your smart phone or tablet. If you bundle your satellite TV service and your mobile data provider, you can watch anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can really cut down on arguments about who’s missing what show.
DirecTV’s Genie HD DVR lets you record up to five shows at a time, store a total of 200 hours of video, and lets you watch shows from the beginning up to 72 hours after they’ve aired, even if you forgot to record the show.

Connect Your Satellite to Your Smart Device

Android Apps that will turn your Android into a TV

If you’re at home watching, you can also interact with your satellite TV while watching it. Apps for your smart phone let you view game scores or check the weather while listening to a music station or watching the news. With satellite TV, you never again waste time waiting for the Weather Channel get back to reporting on the actual weather!

International Programming Available

Finally, it’s easy to get international channels. Satellite TV is broadcast from all over the world, so whatever you want to watch is literally at your fingertips. Asia, Europe, Central America… if you’re an expat waiting to reconnect with your culture’s news, sports, or entertainment, you can easily get the content you want through satellite TV.

Satellite TV can help you really get the most out of your TV. You can catch all of the shows you want to see, when you want to see them, and never have to rush home or skip an episode of your favorite show or an important match in your favorite sport. Entertainment happens on your schedule, often in the palm of your hand, and continues to evolve with your growing needs. Satellite TV puts you in control of your entire viewing experience, and even lets you choose from a wider variety of channel options.

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