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Should I buy an iPad or an Android powered tablet?

Whether you are heading off on a long trip, or simply making the most of your commute to work or school, using a tablet has some great benefits.

You can watch movies, catch up on the news or social media, check emails and more. Thinking of investing in a new tablet? You may be wondering whether to buy an iPad or one of the many Android tablets available on the market.

There are pros and cons to both types of tablet. The iPad is a leader in the tablet market. Is this market leading position justified? Let’s see what Android tablets have to offer and compare.

The pros and cons of a secure and stable tablet experience

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One major plus of an iPad is you know what to expect. Simple to use, iOS is familiar and iPad hardware is very consistent across different models.

Consistency is a good thing. You do not have to re-learn if you upgrade. However, it does mean that there is little versatility to spark the imagination.

There are hundreds of Android powered tablets on the market, from various manufacturers, typically at lower price points than the Apple iPad. You can get a different experience each time you use a new device. This can make life interesting, but also frustrating.

The greater amount of options from the Android market can be beneficial for the price conscious. But, do you really need a choice when you have the high performing iPad? Additionally, the availability of numerous Apple accessories and apps.

The downside of no control

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After years of catch-up, there are now greater choices of apps available through Google Play. Android app vetting, monitoring and control are not as thorough, in our opinion.

Apps available through the Apple Store are thoroughly tested by Apple. You know you are getting better quality control.

Diversity can be good and bad

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We mentioned there is more diversity when it comes to Android tablets. There are more variations in style, functionality and price points; typically will pay more for a new iPad.

It’s easier to control bugs and malware when there is a smaller number of devices involved, as is the case with the iPad. This contributes to a more stable and reliable user experience for iOS users.

When it comes to choosing between iPads and Android tablets, everyone has their own preferences. Generally, we believe you get the best experience from an iPad.

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Of course, iPads can be expensive, but there are options for securing a better deal online. Click here to see some discounted prices. You can get all the functionality of an iPad without having to spend a fortune.

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