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How To Safely and Securely Dispose of Your Company’s Old Cell Phones

As the need for technology increases tenfold nearly everyday, more and more companies are providing their employees with company cell phones in order to increase productivity and also keep a close eye on inter-personal work relations. However, after a few years or so, the cell phones will become outdated and it is necessary to upgrade the phones, company-wide. But, how does a company safely and securely recycle their old phones? When it comes to recycling old phones in bulk from a company, there are a few factors to think about.

Keeping Security In Mind

How to Dispose of Old Devices Without Losing Data or Harming the Environment

Since the cell phone has become a mini-workstation nowadays, it is imperative to thoroughly clean each cell phone before recycling it. Private company information may be stored on the phone, not to mention passwords and emails – no one from the company certainly wants this private information accidentally exposed to the world! Recycling your company’s cell phones with GreenBuyback is by far the best option when it comes to safety and security. Other technology recycling companies make claims that they wipe all devices clean, but there is more to it than simply wiping devices clean! When you are ready to sell back your company cell phones, simply head to GreenBuyback, choose which phones you are sending in, and get a quote – they will send you pre-paid UPS labels, and all you have to do is wait for the money, which you can then spend on something the company really needs!

Getting Reimbursed For Old Gadget Costs


Yes, it all sounds amazing, but what makes GreenBuyback any different than any other buyback website? When you send your company’s cell phones in to GreenBuyback, we recommend you factory reset all devices before sending in, however, our internal policy gives you security knowing that we have high standards for security. Upon receiving a phone, GreenBuyback always checks to see if the device has had a factory reset; if not, we will do a factory reset on the device. Furthermore, all sim cards are removed and destroyed. We also clear any SD cards before destroying them, to be safe. We will never resell a phone if data cannot be deleted. In this case we will properly recycle the phone.

We know how hard you work to build your company, and we understand that your company’s technological devices may have private company information, but we want you to feel safe and comfortable sending in your employee’s company phones. Our data policy is strict and in place, rendering it nearly impossible for your information to be released. Selling your devices with GreenBuyback is very easy and safe – simply head to the website to get a quote, send in your devices free of charge, and get cash in hand – we even purchase broken or water-damaged items!

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