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Facilitating Communication: Things to know About Push to Talk Devices

Effective communication is a cornerstone of any successful organization. How people communicate with each other has evolved over the years, and will continue to do so into the future. Organization leaders are continually searching for ways to improve communication within their employee groups, because there is a clear connection between improved communication and improved productivity.

Text Messaging vs Push to Talk Devices

Push to Talk

Text messaging has become a very accepted and widely used form of communication for people working within an organization. While there are some effective aspects to text messaging, there are also some drawbacks. Messages can be misinterpreted or misunderstood because the tone or feeling of the message is difficult to decipher. Text messages also often rely on cellular networks to transmit the message and a lack of signal can lead to delays in the delivery and receipt of these messages. An alternative way to communicate that can still use smartphones as well as other dedicated devices is Push To Talk. This type of communication operates similarly to a two way radio. A button can be pushed on a device to connect the user to another individual, or to a group of people. This method of communication can be more secure than a two way radio connection, and it can operate on cellular networks, wifi networks or over the Internet.

The Benefits of Push to Talk Devices

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Regardless of the type of work an organization engages in, the need for instant communication is likely there. People expect to be able to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively due the fast paced nature of our society. A push to talk device has the ability to connect people in a matter of seconds. The range for a device like this is also much greater than a typical two way radio. People can connect if they are in the same building, city, state, and even connect with people that are in different countries. These devices also allow for group communication to happen, but a private conversation is also possible. The clarity of voices over the push to talk devices is another benefit that allows for clear and consistent communication to happen.

Types of Devices That Can be Used for Push to Talk

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Smartphones can be utilized for push to talk operations by installing a push to talk app on the phone. This can be a cost effective way for an organization to utilize existing devices to use push to talk to improve communications. There are also dedicated push to talk devices that are similar to a traditional two way radio that utilize expanded networks to provide that clear and instant communication that people are looking for. Computers can be utilized for this type of communication as well. The working environment and atmosphere for a group of people would dictate which devices would be the best fit for the group.

Clear and effective communication is always going to be a necessity for any organization to work at peak levels. Methods of communication have evolved over the years, but a voice to voice discussion is still proving to be one of the best ways to communicate. Push to talk devices or apps allow messages to be transmitted in ways that give users the ability to check for understanding and have a greater likelihood of accomplishing goals and increasing productivity.

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