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4 Tips for Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting a company’s or person’s products. In the past, affiliate marketers were forced to work from desktop or laptop computers, but thanks to smartphone technology, that’s no longer the case. Affiliate marketers can now do most of their work on their smartphones. Mobile affiliate marketing is making it easier than ever for people to work online and earn money.

Manage Social Media From Your Smartphone

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Leveraging social media is vital for affiliate marketing success, and your smartphone makes it easy to manage your social media channels. Download the Hootsuite mobile app to your phone; it allows you to track all your social media accounts in one location. A quick glance at the app lets you see what people are saying and respond to them immediately. Hootsuite also makes it easy to schedule content to post on multiple social media channels at the same time.

Evernote is another mobile app that makes managing your social media accounts via your smartphone easier. Evernote allows you to use tags to keep ideas together, take notes for blog ideas, and save hashtag groups to use on Instagram on your phone.

Join Mobile Affiliate Networks

What are the best mobile affiliate networks?

One of the first steps a new affiliate marketer should take is to join a mobile affiliate network. These networks serve as middlemen that connect affiliates with businesses that sell products or services on the mobile web. Affiliate networks allow affiliates to earn money through revenue sharing or cost-per-action models. Revenue sharing pays affiliates a portion of the revenue they generate, and cost-per-action models pay a fee for each user who makes a purchase through the affiliate’s performance-based advertising. Smartphones make it easy to apply and join. A few taps of your screen is all it takes to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Since smartphones are such valuable mobile affiliate marketing tools, it makes sense to use them in conjunction with a reliable, high-speed network. A slow network can negatively impact your affiliate activities, hindering your ability to work remotely. If you’re looking for the fastest network available, note that a study from OpenSignal, a company that focuses on wireless coverage mapping, recently reported that T-Mobile is the fastest cellular network in the United States. While you can succeed in affiliate marketing without a lightning-fast network, utilizing one gives you an advantage over your competition since it allows you to consistently work from anywhere.

Create and Edit Images

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Images are vital to affiliate marketing success, and smartphones provide a quick, simple way to create, edit, and share them. Snap a photo and edit it with a mobile app before posting it on your website. Snapseed is a free mobile editing app that provides a range of tools to give your photos a professional touch. Darkroom is another free mobile editing app that gives you access to a variety of editing tools and filters.

To create and edit professional-quality images, you need a phone with a powerful camera. While all smartphones are equipped with cameras, the iPhone 8’s wide-angle lens with auto image stabilization, optical zoom, and portrait mode make it a good choice for affiliate marketers who need a steady supply of high-quality images. Combine the camera of the iPhone 8 with T-Mobile’s reliable network, and you can work from almost anywhere. The ability to create high-quality affiliate posts wherever you are is a key component to affiliate marketing success.

Create Fresh Content


Fresh, engaging content keeps readers focused, and smartphones provide a way to create content anywhere. Use your phone to take notes throughout the day, bookmark stories to read later for inspiration, and record audio. You can even use it to write blog posts, although you may want to purchase a portable, Bluetooth keyboard for that. When inspiration strikes, it’s important to capitalize on it immediately, and a smartphone allows you to do that.

Smartphones are making mobile affiliate marketing easier and accessible to more people than ever. They allow you to easily join mobile affiliate networks, create and edit images, manage social media accounts, and generate content wherever you are, at any time of the day or night.

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