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6 Tips for Creating a Good Customer Service Experience

Creating a good customer service experience is vital if you want to grow your company. Here are 6 tips to make sure your customers have a memorable time.

When is the last time you returned to a place of business after having a not-so-great customer service experience? When a business or company fails at providing its customers with an ideal experience overall, those customers are unlikely to come back. Don’t be this type of business.

Optimal customer service experience is much more than having a phenomenal customer service team. Your customer service team plays a large role in the overall experience, but it’s only one role. There are several things that make up the customer experience as a whole.

If you want your company to succeed and grow each year, then you need to know how to provide good customer service with an experience that’ll leave a great impression on your customers, making them want to come back time after time. 

Drop everything you’re doing right now and scroll below. This is everything you need to know about providing exceptional service.

1. Customer Service Communication

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Let’s start with how your customer service team communicates with your customers. Because your customer service team plays such a crucial role in the overall experience your customers receive, it’s essential to get this right. When an issue comes about, your customers will want an easy fix.

They don’t want to sit on hold for long periods of time only to get placed on the phone with someone who’s rude or someone they can’t understand. Your customer service team should know all the right ways to communicate with your customers. 

They should also use language that’s easily understood by your customers. Have them break away from using technical language or terms that a customer wouldn’t normally understand. It’s up to your team to ensure all issues or problems are worked out and the customer is happy before getting off the phone with them.

2. Simple System Navigation 

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Have you ever visited a company’s website and quickly click off because you weren’t able to navigate it with ease? When customers get frustrated with a website or portal, they’ll exit out of it and find a competitor to work with. Don’t lose your customers to competitors with easier to navigate websites. 

Work with a web designer to create a website where customers can find everything they need with ease. This includes menu tabs, search bars, readability, and more. The less time your customers have to spend on scrolling, reading, and searching for something, the better. 

The support portal you have in place should also make finding answers easy for your customers. What are the most common questions customers have when they call into customer service? Have these questions and the answers listed on your support portal. 

Provide customers with as much information about certain questions or issues so they don’t have to call in. 

3. Chatbots Chatting Options

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Chatbots are a newer AI innovation but are already quite popular. If you’ve recently visited a business’ website and were greeted by a little person in the bottom corner of the screen, then you’ve most likely had an encounter with a chatbot. 

Chatbots are not simple Q&A’s with one simple and generic answer for everyone. These amazing tools are customizable for the type of business you own. They can work on multiple platforms from websites to social media and everything in between.

They can speak multiple languages and will gather information and data over time to become more humanized and provide more appropriate responses to your customers’ questions. 

4. Accepting Responsibility  

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When a customer has an obstacle with your product or service that they’re trying to solve, the last thing they want is for someone to tell them it’s their fault or for someone to not take the blame. When something goes wrong, it’s okay to admit fault and accept responsibility. 

No one expects you or your business to be perfect. Mistakes happen with shipping, order placements, and other things as well. What is expected is for you and your business to be an honest one. 

Rather than trying to find what the customer did wrong, accept responsibility for the mistake and correct it as soon as possible to keep the customer happy. 

5. Marketing Management 

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If you can’t track your customers’ experience with your business and analyze their data, then you won’t be able to target them correctly. Implement customer experience software into your customer service experience plan for marketing management. 

This will help you keep track of all your customers’ individual journeys with your company. You can then customize the experience for each customer. For example, if you sell home goods, and a customer purchases a coffee table, you don’t want to send emails, ads, or notifications to that same customer when other similar coffee tables become available.

They already bought a coffee table. The next step is to show them end tables that’ll match well or entertainment centers. Maybe you have different decor for coffee tables like a tray that they might be interested in. 

Know who your customers are and what they need or want. 

6. Customer Experience Analysis

The best way to understand the type of experience your customers are receiving when they work with your company is to become a customer yourself. You can analyze the full customer experience by acting as though you were your own customer.

Visit your website and see how easy it is to navigate it. Can you find all the answers to a few questions you’ve given yourself about the company? Browse through your social media platforms and discover how easy or not easy it is to search for products or services.

Call in customer service and speak with them as if you were a customer to see the type of service you’re given. You can then make the necessary changes. 

Build an Ideal Customer Service Experience 

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The tips listed here will help you build your own customer service experience. Use these tips plus a few ideas of your own to ensure your customers receive the best experience possible when working with your company. 

Remember, companies that provide optimal customer service and overall experiences are companies that grow and succeed. 

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