Keeping Your Customers ‘Appy!

Keeping your customers happy and coming back for more is key in an age where loyalty is rare. Nurturing and growing a customer base should be regarded as paramount when there is so much choice to go elsewhere. Where customers do return, their retained customer should be rewarded or at the very least made as simple as possible. One way of facilitating customer retention is by ensuring an adequate mobile plan.

Why Mobile Optimization Will Be The Best Thing You Ever Do For Your Business

Most consumers now can surf the web while away from home via their mobile phone or tablet. Even the older generation is becoming far more tech savvy when it comes to online shopping and how to do it. With an incredible 129% of Western European using mobile technology to purchase everything from travel to teatowels.

The Top Benefits of Having a Mobile App For Your Business

If you want to make sure your business is making the most of this mobile uprising, you must make a mobile presence that is simple to use and therefore encourages your customers to return. They are much more likely to go elsewhere, even if your prices are competitive or even better than your rivals if their web presence is easier to use. Sites which are optimized for mobiles are great, but unfortunately, they are rare and cause no end of problems to the mobile user.

The Past And The Future of Mobile Apps

An alternative to optimization of a full site is a dedicated mobile app.  The trend is shifting, mobile apps are now more widely used than their mobile site counterparts, and users are more loyal to them.

5 Companies That Made Mobile Apps Work For Them!

In general, mobile sites are used to obtain quick information such as checking locations and looking up business phone numbers. Mobile apps often are preferred for prolonged activities or to access exclusive content and deals.  Unlike web visitors who may discover your website by accident, you can calculate customer loyalty as those who have downloaded your app have done so as they already enjoy your brand and what you have to offer.

Enterprise Mobile App Development – Tips to Consider

Having a stable app is also conducive to more substantial sales as visitors using an app tend to spend 3-4 times longer online than using a mobile site. These more extended sessions can equate to an excellent opportunity to deliver messages and forge a healthy customer relationship going forward.

There are simple ways of ensuring your customers not only return, but tell their friends about it too.

Be content with the content

5 Companies That Made Mobile Apps Work For Them!

We use apps to meet our most specific of needs and receive services we can’t find on the main site. By making your app unique, offering services they cant see outside of the app itself, you will encourage more users to visit the app as opposed to the mobile site.  You could offer exclusive discounts or information on login, and by giving only members these cuts, they will then go on to feel important and appreciated and return again and again

Communication is Key

Mobile Gaming Is Growing Fast With No Downturn In Sight

If you want to make your brand successful, one that your customers are loyal to, then you need to feel you can approach customers on a one to one basis. Apps can enable you to do this. In the current technological climate, everything we buy, every service we commision, can be customizable and uniquely fit our needs. Those brands who don’t offer such a bespoke perspective will soon lose the race to their rivals.

Push It

How to Measure Customer Experience for Your Mobile Application?

Thanks to automatic updates such as push notifications, any brand can to reach out and connect with their customers in very real time. This is an effortless yet efficient way of keeping those dedicated to the brand updated with the latest news, special offers or discounts, upgrades to the service and such like. Geography and where your customer base resides is no longer a disadvantage as by utilizing the latest advances in technology to geo-targeting and GPS mapping, you can spread out like never before. You can then tailor your discounts to specific zip codes or even make them aware of a special offer in the area they may be visiting. It indeed is breaking ground as up to now companies have never had such information at their fingertips to make marketing their brand such a bespoke interaction.

By utilising such detailed information, your promotional offers can resonate with each customer immediately and directly and can be perceived as a far more personal service, resulting in higher engagement.


In this age of advance, forget the more traditional sales pitch. Use a quality SMS API, connect and communicate, and give your clients well-timed personal content that matters. The majority of your customer base will respond with trust,  loyalty and will only have things to say about you to others which, ultimately, is the most critical end goal as an honest referral can directly contribute to better sales.

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