The Tech Your Employees Really Should Be Using

Every business needs to cut back spending from time to time. These cuts might be a staffing cull, a change in stationery supplier, or a downsize in premises. Some are major decisions that might be quite hard to come back from. Others are simple frugality measures to ensure reduced wastage. Technology is just one way you can make savings and cuts in one move. But it goes a lot further than that. Tech can protect you from future problems and reduce the risk of mistakes. It all depends on what you’re using and how everybody in your team is using it.


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Email has been around for a couple of decades, but there is still a great reluctance to use it. Very few businesses offer their employees training on how to craft a good email communication. And no, these things aren’t generally covered in high school! Many companies promote personal communication. Get up from your desk and go talk to your colleague in person! That’s a good way to do business. However, it’s important you follow up the chat with a quick email with bullet points about what was discussed and the follow-up actions required.

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This protects both parties. It also ensures there is focus on the task. It makes every meeting, however formal, important for progress within the business. It’s good practice to follow up phone calls, video calls, and even short messages with something concise yet detailed enough for there to be a trail. Many email apps offer the chance to pull out details for calendars and scheduling for follow-ups. Put it in writing, so everyone knows where they stand.

Collaborative Working Apps

Boosting Business Productivity Through Technology

Collaborations are perhaps the best way for colleagues to work. It gives everyone in the team a chance to contribute. It also means that work can be done by one or more people at the same time. There is no need to wait for one person to finish something so a document can be handed over. That project or document is readily available and live at all times for editing.

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These apps also work in the cloud, meaning that anyone anywhere with the right editing permissions can join in a contribute. This is enormously beneficial when you’re hiring freelancers or contractors that don’t necessarily work from your office.

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While there might still be some legal issues to overcome with hiring from the gig economy, the edits and changes made to your documents are recorded. It is clear to see who did what and when. This makes it very easy to see the level of participation, contribution and overall effect of each worker.


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Automating processes might be something that employees fear. They might worry that their job is at stake or even threatened. However, reducing the tedious, repetitive tasks we all love to hate, can offer every worker the time to be more innovative and creative with their role. They can contribute more in other ways with other projects. Cloud websites demonstrate how something as simple as collating data automatically can give everyone more freedom to work quickly and easily from records.

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Aside from collating and presenting lots of data in an easy to read format, automation enables the collection of new data too. Data input can be tedious and even soul destroying! Take these tasks away from those that are better suited to creative contributions. More complex and challenging tasks for employees can boost motivation and self-worth.


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The use of video in the workplace and marketing is still much understated. Most of us want to see evidence, ideas, and demonstrations. Pictures and infographics are very popular for just those applications. But a video can do more. The images move so you can see how to get from one idea to the next.

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There is also audio to help emphasise or even enhance the point being made. Professional production websites make it easier to create a video presentation. Something as simple as clear dialog offers a greater understanding of complex ideas.

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Video has another application in the workplace. It keeps us all human. With more and more of us working from home (or the beach) it’s easy to become isolated. For our mental and emotional health, it is important to socialize and have human contact daily. Video conferences and calls are the next best thing to being there in person. You can read far more from a person you can see than one you just write to or speak to on the phone. Plus, it makes for far more stimulating conversations and the opportunity to nurture relationships more.

High Security

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Employees should be just as concerned about security as you are. There are threats from every corner of the globe at all times. And there are threats just around the corner. No employee can be too careful when it comes to protecting your company reputation, data, and privacy. Start with entry and work your way out.

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Entry to your building and to each office should be restricted. It’s all too easy for people to wander into a public building and wander about the halls. What can they see as they pass by your office? Are there sensitive papers open on your desk?

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Are you working on a commercially sensitive document on your monitor that might be seen? The simple screen-lock has been around for decades, yet few of us consider using it nearly as much as we should.

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Keycard or fingerprint entry has also been around for a long time. Lots of us complain about being turned into a number or a barcode, but it protects the entire workforce and the business itself. It acts as a time card, and it also restricts access to the most sensitive areas of your business. This level of security should be used by most companies.

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Internal CCTV should also be utilized to keep an eye on what is going on. It’s not about spying on your workforce. You might notice risks and hazards on camera that nobody on the floor has identified. You can also clearly see people that shouldn’t be there!

There is a lot of tech out there for businesses to use. They serve a lot of purposes. What is your company missing?

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