Subject Line: Reinvigorating Your Email Platform!

So many aspects of a business can do with changing, especially if budget is a concern. Lots of businesses have inefficient tech, or poor staff, but these are all things that can be changed, and they don’t have to cost extra money. In addition to this, there are things you can do internally that will help bolster the perception of your company, and one of these is, surprisingly, your email. Your email is such a vital part of your marketing process, but it’s also how you will predominantly communicate with clients, vendors, and your employees. So, how can you redecorate your email platform so that it improves your business?

Tell Stories

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This is such an old-fashioned method to get people interested, but it’s one of the best. Your storytelling skills can be an integral part of selling a product. Emotion is the key factor in getting people to purchase products or to even listen to you in the first place. So in terms of your email marketing methods and it’s important to get this aspect up and running.

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One of the key aspects is to not mention a product until the end of the story. But it’s a great way to provoke some feelings in your potential customers in a way where you haven’t actually pitched it to them. This means getting people upskilled in the nature of storytelling, but also making the copy sharp and to the point. There are some good resources online, but a handy one to help people with writing their emails is, which tells you if you are being too complicated, adding too many adverbs, or are just going on too much!

Sort The Encryption

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Yes, this may be obvious, but if you’ve got employees that aren’t cutting the mustard, you’ve got people who are potentially opening up their emails and letting viruses infect your network. So this means that you need to implement encryption techniques into your email. You can make the most of professional resources but you can also do it in-house by schooling your staff in the ways to spot a phishing scam and so forth.

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That is the big issue when you are trying to communicate with clients “cold” because if you are looking like you are related to a phishing scam, no one is going to touch you with a barge pole. For example, if you end up in the “promotions” section of Gmail, is it likely people are going to read the email? In a word, no. You need to get to the inbox!

Start Strong, Finish Strong

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When it comes to emails from complete strangers, and smell like promotion, do you bother to read the body of the email? No, mainly you will read the opening gambit, and if you are bothered, the end. So, with this in mind, always be sure to start strong, say what you need to say in the main body, and finish on a high note. And be sure to make it a positive one.

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You can reinvigorate your email platform process very easily, so get out there and do it!

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