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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends in 2021

Email promotion tools can definitely be of advantage for a lot of different companies. Emails add a personal ambiance to the communication between a brand and its target audience. Many experts would convincingly state that it is the fastest way of generating fast engagement. Over the last years some marketers were questioning the efficiency of emails today that we have so many new digital communication channels. Yet, we firmly believe that this technique is as relevant in 2021 as ever, and this tendency in all likelihood will be observed over the next decade. The main reason for that is that you can monetize your list of contacts. Your contact list is a vital tool all by itself which you can utilize to your maximum advantage without seeking any kind of support or assistance from third parties. And now let’s have a glance at email promotion trends that really stand out in 2021.

Personalized Campaign

A good marking email should give the customer an immediate feeling that this particular piece was drafted and sent exclusively to him or her. Beginning the letter with the recipient’s name is already a good start, but the real professional personalization reaches far beyond that. Imagine that you keep getting emails from a company offering you something that you know for sure you will never need in your life. What would you feel about this brand? Most probably, irritation. Every received email requires some interaction, even if it’s only skimming it through before moving to the bin. Your addressee’s time is no less precious than yours, so make sure you target the right contact list with the relevant message.

Tap on Creativity

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Following the pandemic-inflicted restrictions many people switched the majority of their daily activities and interactions in the online mode. Consequently, they began to rely more on email. On one hand, this improves your chances to hit the jackpot with your brand’s promotion emails. On the other hand, now your email can more easily go completely unnoticed in the increased flow of incoming emails. Just think of it: work-related emails, letters from the university or your kid’s school teacher, emails from the community centre etc. The vast majority of such pieces would consist of text only. What you should do here is to be extremely creative and use other graphic design elements. For example, with an online animation maker you can create an online animation and embed it into your emails without any effort.


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Obviously, sending a marketing email to a person is all about telling him or her whatever it is you want them to know about your brand. Thus, such a type of communication is often regarded as a one-way street. However, you should do your best to turn it into a two-way one by utilizing different interaction elements like polls, surveys and responsive charts. Firstly, this is a nice technique to capture the reader’s attention. Secondly, it’s an excellent opportunity to let your customers know that their feedback is important to you.

Think of Added Value

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It’s absolutely clear to everyone, including your target audience, that the regular emails your brand sends out is a way to advertise and promote its products and services. And there is nothing wrong with that. Yet, when it comes to the content of your email it’s a very good idea to balance valuable, useful information with purely sales content. Depending on the sphere you company operates in you can include helpful tips (that really work!), recipes, how-tos, upcoming events overview etc. you can provide additional value and thus contribute to a better relationship with your customers.

Be Honest

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The customer’s loyalty and trust is not that easy to win, but once you lose it, it’s practically impossible to restore it. The rule is that you must deliver what you promise in your email, no exceptions! If you promise a 50% discount, then the customer must be guaranteed to get it when he or she places an order with your company.

Email Software

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Definitely, it’s not a must but special software can be of much help in terms of making your emails automated and streamlined. There are many various types available, and it’s worth trying and seeing if it works for you.


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We work hard to make our emails beautiful, interesting and relevant, so it always breaks our heart to find out that a customer wants to unsubscribe. No matter what his or her reasons behind this decision are, every recipient must be able to opt out of your email campaign, and it would be nice if they can do that in a quick and easy manner. Good news is they can return.


If you’ve overlooked email marketing, it’s high time you start utilizing it now. Moreover, there is no need to develop a new strategy from scratch – you can incorporate email into your social media campaign to leverage the benefits of both methods to gain the maximum efficiency.

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