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Ways to Show That Nerd Love: Tips for Geeks on Valentine’s Day

With all the hype about a holiday that only comes once a year, it’s sometimes easy to forget 

what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about. Valentine’s Day isn’t about spending big bucks on overpriced cards and flowers. Geeks, in particular, should take note because we spend so much time actively avoiding the expensive displays of affection that are everywhere this time of year. We get it; you don’t want to buy into an overpriced Hallmark holiday. That doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day is without its benefits for geeks out there.

The following are ways nerds can show their other halves love on Valentine’s day:

Send Flowers

Valentine’s Day Anonymous Love-Sharing Ideas

Sending flowers to your loved ones is a great way to make their day and show them you care. Just because it’s an expensive holiday doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get your significant other flowers. You can go directly to the source and order them from Bouqs same day flower delivery or check out your local grocery store for bouquets that are comparably priced. If you aren’t sure what kind of flowers your significant other would like, ask around to see if anyone else knows. If all else fails, go with a classic bouquet that they can enjoy every day.

Take Them Out

Wining and Dining Your Way to Romance

The best thing about this holiday is that it’s supposed to be about spending time together and supporting each other. After the stress of holiday shopping, this is precisely what you need. Take your paramour out to dinner, or if they are a fellow geek, suggest checking out the new Star Wars movie together will be a fantastic idea. While cooking for them is a great gesture, go beyond that and clean up afterward. You don’t want to make chores a part of the evening either; it should be about spending time together, not leaving them with more stuff to do.

Give Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gaming Geeks

While it’s certainly not necessary to get your lover a gift for Valentine’s Day (and in some cases may be considered strange), you can still show them how much they mean to you. If your significant other is into that kind of thing, consider getting them some geeky merchandise. Maybe they would like a new shirt or socks with their face on them, or a new figurine to add to their collection. Consider what your partner likes to do in their spare time and buy accordingly. If they aren’t into trinkets, consider giving them a gift card to get themselves something nice. The key here is to show that you value them enough to know what would make them feel special, even if it’s not directly from you.

Valentines Treasure Hunt

How to Play a Valentines Scavenger Hunt (+7 Valentines Party Games)

If there’s one thing that needs love, it’s a mystery. Get into the holiday spirit and plan a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt for your significant other. Make them follow clues you’ve left along with their usual route home from work or class and give them something special upon reaching the end. If you aren’t much for planning or spending money, try writing out a letter for each clue and fold it up to make the journey. They may not be as exciting, but it’s free and is sure to get them excited about the end of their Day.

Valentine’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to show your other half you care. Make this special date be about spending time together and having fun, not flowers and candy you can buy any other time of year. The above are some great ideas for how to spend your Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

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