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Valentine’s Day Anonymous Love-Sharing Ideas

While showering your crush with anonymous texts is never a good idea, sending him or her a message or two from an unknown phone will keep them wondering

Valentine’s Day is coming and with it, many people’s need to express their love and affection towards the subjects of their desire. It was King Henry VII who officially declared February 14th St Valentine’s Day, back in 1537. Research suggests that one billion cards are sent out on this day every year, making it the second most popular day to share your best wishes on paper. If you have ever wondered why the rose is the most significant symbol on this date, it is because this was Venus’ favourite flower and she was the Roman Goddess of Love.

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Today, it is common for cards and love messages to be signed or carry the initials of the person sending these, but in Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card, a little bit like the groom seeing the dress of the bride before their wedding day. If you too would like to remain anonymous in your display of love and affection, read these tips on how to succeed in doing so in one of the most popular days of the year.

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Send an anonymous text

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Nothing says I Love You better than a text with the letters I and U separated by a heart-shaped symbol. The Millennials know this, as studies have suggested they prefer texting to calling. Gone are the days in which card-sending was the only way to show appreciation for your loved one. These days it’s more about texts and e-messages as it has become commonplace to use the mobile phone as the primary means of communication, even if this means interacting via online platforms. If you would like to send out the three magic words but don’t have the courage to reveal your real identity, texting anonymously is your best call. With the service on the link, you can make use of anonymous texts and calls in order to keep your name secret.

Surprise your crush with a colourful cardless bouquet

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Flowers on Valentine’s Day are mainly purchased by men, as up to 73 percent of flower sales belong to this group. If your crush loves roses, why not invest in a nice bouquet that will make them feel special on this unique day? According to statistics, close to 200 million roses are produced on Valentine’s Day for these to be given away to women (and in some cases men) around the world. This day is apparently the second most popular (after Mother’s Day) for roses, and so it should continue to be! Get in touch with a local florist and specify the type of roses you would like to have delivered as well as the address of the recipient. Make sure you state that your identity shall not be revealed in the delivery of the flowers. Your love interest will be speechless. If you are feeling creative, you can even have a go at the arrangement yourself!

Spray their home with scent, if you have access to where they live

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Love Is In The Air, they say, and as a result, perfume is another excellent way of letting your loved one know they are on your mind. It is a known fact that for years scent used to contain oil extracted from the sex glands of a specific type of cat. Whereas that is no longer true nowadays, body odour is still a fetish for many, and the simple act of smelling a sensuous perfume can send the libido of many through the roof! If you know the flatmate or parents of the person whose love you are trying to attain, you should get in touch with them in discretion and ask whether it would be possible for you to come around to their flat and spray some perfume in your crush’s bedroom. You will need to reveal your plan to your confidant, but they are likely to be awed by your secret actions and give you a helping hand by telling you the exact date and time when you can turn up without having to worry about the subject of your dreams being there. These are some of the most popular perfume ideas for 2018.

Place an I Love You mat on their doorstep

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Imagine the face of your crush when they get to their house and see a big I Love You mat on their doorstep. This would be a great way of expressing your love for them without having to reveal your true identity. Whilst it is a fact that they will be brushing off their feet on your romantic message every time they enter the house, it is also true that they will get to read the words written on the mat whilst they do so, if they haven’t felt compelled to remove this out of embarrassment, that is. Whatever the outcome, we guarantee that whoever this mat will belong to is going to be very glad you decided to show them your love in this peculiar way. This website will help you personalise your rug so that this is unique and full of love.

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The above ideas are some of the ways with which you can show the one you love affection without them getting to know who it came from. While many people will decide to reveal their identities in their love display, remaining anonymous is a great way to keep your loved one wondering and make your presence and acts of love a mystery. Whether it’s texting them anonymously, sending them a cardless bouquet, spraying their bedroom with scent or printing I Love You on a door mat, the above ideas will leave him or her speechless and wondering who it was that went to such great lengths to show their love. Dare to be anonymous this Valentine’s Day, and we promise you will never be forgotten.

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