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Luck and Reels: 3 Slot Machines that Pay Tribute to Successful Movies

Online slot machines are perhaps the most versatile casual games ever created. Designers can find inspiration in virtually anything to make a slot machine. Just look at the over 700 online games in a variety of different categories at the 7Sultans Casino – they cover everything from sports and cars to holidays and TV shows.

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But the most popular titles of them all are the ones inspired by successful movies. The 7Sultans has quite a few of these, and they are among the most popular titles around there. Let’s take a look at some of them that pay tributes to some of the most successful movies of the past.


The most recent addition to the game library at 7Sultans, Halloween was released in time for this year’s scariest holiday. It is not only a game in tune with the trick-or-treating time of the year – it’s also a tribute to John Carpenter’s classic slasher movie that was released close to 40 years ago. To this end, the characters featured in the game are those from the original movie. The game features characters like Annie, Loomis, Lynda, and Laurie, played by Golden Globe winner Jamie Lee Curtis, right out of the 1978 original movie. Michael Myers also pays his respects – he shows up in the game’s bonus feature.

Jurassic Park & Jurassic World

Back in 2014, Microgaming, the software provider behind 7Sultans Casino, has made its players glad by announcing a brand new slot machine based on Stephen Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster, Jurassic Park. The game was amazing, with a great atmosphere, amazing visuals, and reuniting fans with the most popular characters from the movie – the dinosaurs, joined by the likes of Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and the late Sir Richard Attenborough. Three years and a massively successful reboot later, dinosaurs returned to the reels of a slot machine. This time, the game is inspired by the successful revival of the franchise, starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and the most successful characters of them all – you guessed it – the dinosaurs. Both games look and feel amazing.


Since his “birth” in 1912, Tarzan has been the protagonist of more than 25 novels and has been transposed to the big screen (and the small screens) over 50 times. Strangely, he wasn’t the protagonist of any video games except for a few sporadic appearances in unlicensed ones. Until last year, that is – because last year, Tarzan made it to the reels of a video slot machine at the 7Sultans Casino. The game reaches back to the beginnings of Tarzan’s story, introducing us to his faithful jungle companions, and new ones, like Miss Jane Porter and her father Professor Archimedes Q. Porter, the first human beings he sees since his mishap in the West African jungle. The Tarzan slot machine is colorful, cheerful, and fun, a playful tribute to the long-running chain of novels
and movies featuring the character.

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