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CS:GO Surpasses The All Time Concurrently Played Record Held By Dota 2

The 5v5 shooter game from Valve named Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still in the business of breaking records, and this time, it has succeeded in breaking Dota 2s all time concurrent player record.

Helped by the implementation of dozens of other games dedicated to CS:GO players, such as CSGO jackpot which can be found at CS:GO gambling sites, once again, the first person shooter game has grown more popular than anybody envisaged. The behemoth Valve title has also gone on to break another record, by surpassing the all-time concurrent player record held by Dota 2. Throughout 2019, this bomb refusal first person shooter game that is hugely cherished by fans of Valve was going about racking up amazing numbers. However, it seems that what it did last year was not enough, as it took its record breaking adventure a notch higher by reaching more than 1 million concurrent players record in March 2019, a record that has never been achieved by any other game in the world. The most significant thing about this record however, is the fact that before it garnered over 1 million concurrent players; it was always on 700k players per day on average.

Perfect Storm for Valve

The increase in the number of players that enjoy the CS:GO game is happening at a very interesting period. Immediately Valve came with its last game named Shattered Web, an increase in the number of people playing the CS:GO was witnessed. Also, it should be noted that more people are now using the games to keep themselves busy as they stay indoors in observance of the lockdown that many governments have put in place because of the current situation. This trend also saw Steam, the giant in PC gaming record an amazing number of players, and also set a new all-time record.

The esports consultant named Rod “Slasher” Breslau took to twitter to express how happy this achievement by the CS:GO made him. Based on his investigations, this legendary first person shooter game garnered up to 1.3 million concurrent users, breaking the record held by Dota 2 with close to hundred thousand players. A look at the numbers also reveals that there is more than a double of the number of in-game players too.

Still a Force to be Reckoned With

CS:GO update [05.04.20] – the latest changes to the world’s best FPS

For four years, the record of the all-time concurrent players was held by Dota 2 with its 1.2 million users mark. Other games have tried to upset this record, but they could only come close. But it is the CS: GO that not only met the record, but also surpassed it in defiance of what critics have previously said about it. For many years, there were predictions that the fan base of the CS:GO was dying down. Many people concluded that CS:GO has had its nunc dimittis with the arrival of closed bet from Valorant. Because there are a lot of similarities between the Valorant and CS:GO, a lot of fans were of the opinion that the new game from Riot will overshadow the first person shooter from Valve. But when the fans started experiencing the Riots closed beta, they started witnessing some differences between the new title and CS:GO, and how CS:GO is superior to it.

But with the turn of events that has brought some positive developments to the 20 year old CS franchise, it seems it is witnessing a huge turnaround. Many players are going back to CS:GO servers because they are frustrated by the lack of Twitch drops in Valorant, and developers at Valve are welcoming them with open arms, while updating the Counter Strike: Global Offensive  to suit their needs. A lot of updates to the CS:GO were announced just after the arrival of Valorant’s closed beta, and they took care of all the complaints that the community made about the game.

Seeing the CS:GO grow stronger is a satisfying trend for many people. It is left to see what the future holds for the game.

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