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10 Marvel Superhero Themed Casino Games

Do you eagerly anticipate the release of every Marvel movie? Can it be said that you are a superfan? Ok, you’ve passed the test so far, but do you love casino games? If you answered yes to all three questions, you will love our list of 10 of the best Marvel themed slots.

Our selections run the gamut from scratch cards to slots games, but they all are plenty of fun. Ready to get started? Without further ado, here they are:

The Incredible Hulk


Ready to see if your attempts of winning it big will finally pay off? You have as good a chance as any on this Hulk casino game. It features 50 pay lines, 5 reels, and offers gamers more chances to win a jackpot than most of the Marvel Jackpot games on this list.

It features a Smash Bonus, where you can put yourself in Hulk’s shoes and smash helicopters and police cars. Each car has a hidden cash value and each helicopter is a multiplier, In other words if you win $500 from smashing cars and a 2x multiplier from smashing helicopters, you will win a total of $1,000.

The Avengers


This game is one of the newest Marvel Jackpot games on the market and its great game imagery, based on the movie, makes it easy to see why. In fact, the animated opening trailer looks just like a video game.

The feature screen is a match game where you can win multipliers that can really come in handy when playing.

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin

Spiderman Green Goblin Wallpaper

Are you a fan of the classic Spiderman cartoons? If so, you will live this casino game, with graphics that are very similar to the 1980s Spider-man cartoon. It gives gamers the option to choose from 5 different possibilities, all based on the comic books. They include Hot Zone Freebies, Rivaling freebies, Radioactive freebies, City Chase, and The Ultimate Fight.

X-Men: Scratch


To throw some spice in the mix, check out the Xmen: Scratch game, which is a combination of a match card game and a scratch-off lottery ticket If you get either two heroes or villains from X-Men, you win half the prize, but if you get a perfect match, you will win a huge prize. It’s also important to note that certain characters are worth different amounts of money and the max payout is $37,000.

Captain America: The First Avenger


This slots game features a mixture of imagery from the comic book and the movie. In other words, it’s a must for fans of the franchise.

Ghost Rider


Most fans of this series love the comic books but could do without the movies. This is probably due to Nicholas Cage’s over-the-top acting style, which didn’t do the franchise any justice.

it’s safe to say that they spent a lot of money on the production of this Ghost Rider game, especially when compared to the other Marvel offerings. It starts with the animated Marvel Studios logo before transitioning into a 3D animated game trailer.

Iron Man


Unlike some of the Marvel slots out there, the Iron Man 2 games feature graphics and imagery from the blockbuster film that it’s based on. That means players can expect to see depictions of their favorites stars like Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, and Robert Downey Jr, but unfortunately, if you are looking for Don Cheadle or Gwyneth Paltrow you won’t find them here.



Unfortunately the good name of Marvel comic book superhero Daredevil took a hit when the 2003 movie with Ben Affleck came out. While you wait for a better version to be released, you can indulge in the Daredevil slots games for a couple minutes. The graphics are decent but perhaps the best part of this slot machine is that Affleck is nowhere to be found.



Do you love blood, sexy vampire girls, and blood? If so, you will love the Blade slot machine. Plus, the ‘Auto Start’ feature spins for you, all you have to do is pick the number of lines (there are 20) that you want to bet.

Marvel Roulette


Similarly to American Roulette, there’s an extra double zero space in this beautifully designed roulette game. The difference is, in this game, the extra space is reserved for the Marvel Bonus. If your ball happens to land on this space, you will gain access to a special slot machine where you can win some great cash prizes.

The Bottom Line

If you are a fan of the Marvel Movies, you’ll want to give these casino games are try. Admittedly, some are better than others, but it can’t be denied that every single one offers a fun way to pass the time.

If you would like more information about these and other Marvel themed casino games, Grizzly Gambling is the place to be for exclusive bonus codes and some of the most comprehensive casino-related reviews on the internet.

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