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Superhero Video Games We’re Totally Stoked For

For some reason (perhaps Chinese ownership) Hollywood has been doing nothing but churning out superhero movies for the last couple of years. We’ve seen about a dozen Marvel Comics movies, plus a load of new material from the DC Universe.

But what’s cool about these movies is that they are far more amenable to being turned into computer games than, says, Love Actually. It’s because of this that we’ve seen a slew of incredible superhero titles released on PC and the consoles. These aren’t cheap knockoffs to cash in on the film: they’re high-end products in their own right, exciting gamers from all over the world.

So which superhero video games have you just gotta own?

Batman Arkham VR

It seems like an obvious idea: blend superhero video games with VR to create an epic experience in which you actually get to live life as a superhero. This is where Batman Arkham VR comes in. Rocksteady, the developer behind many of the Batman games says that the new VR title will take the concept of “be the Batman” to a whole new level. According to the company, you’ll be able to investigate a murder as the Batman himself, looking through his eyes at the Batman universe.


The style will be a little different to the style we’ve gotten used to with games like Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City. It’ll be more like the old comic books where mystery was emphasized as much as action. You’ll play in detective mode, looking around crime scenes for clues while being narrated to by the Joker himself. Do you think you’re like Batman? Then who do you work for?!


Superman Game LEAKED? Not Yet. – The Know

Warner Bros have been leaking information about the upcoming Superman games for some time now, despite their best efforts at covering it up. The reason for all the hype around the game is down to the strange decision, apparently, to include the Joker. The idea is to blend elements of the Arkham Origins gameplay into the Superman universe, making it very similar to that players are already used to from other titles.

Spider-Man On PS4

When Spider-Man was announced at last year’s E3, it created some significant excitement in the community. Nobody had anticipated the launch of a new Spider-Man game in the near future, so many fans were shocked.

During the trailer for the game, we got to see all of Spider Man’s acrobatic and crime fighting abilities, as well as the fantastic rendering of the superhero’s home: New York City.

Spider-Man – PlayStation 4 Pre Order

Almost as soon as the game was announced, gamers jumped on the hype train, speculating on internet forums that it could ultimately rival the Batman series. The only problem? We’re going to be waiting until at least the summer (or fall) of 2017 before we see this one released.

There’s good news, though. Sony has said that the new Spiderman game is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to superhero video games. They plan to develop many more games based on Marvel comic heroes in the years to come, which will hopefully include the likes of Daredevil and Punisher.

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