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Laughing It Up: What We Can Expect from Future Versions of The Joker

When it was announced that former Twilight actor Robert Pattinson had been selected as the new Batman, there was some skepticism from fans of the Gotham City franchise. But the


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What Can We Expect from the Next Batman Game?

It’s hard to believe that a full five years have passed since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight. Back then, few of us would have guessed that we would have to wait


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Cosplay Inspiration For Redheaded Women

Cosplay has become one of the most talked-about hobbies in recent years. From Comic-Con to E3, there are many awesome events where you can dress up as either your favorite


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Superhero Video Games We’re Totally Stoked For

For some reason (perhaps Chinese ownership) Hollywood has been doing nothing but churning out superhero movies for the last couple of years. We’ve seen about a dozen Marvel Comics movies,