Time To Let Infographics Lead Your Content Strategy

Nowadays, most successful companies and online influencers are employing a vast range of different digital communication methods to reach their audience and build that connection they need. One of the most effective tools has been the idea of content creation. Engaging them with the ideas, facts, and news behind the product, the industry and its impact in the world. Until somewhat recently, written content was the king of content marketing. But now, infographics are proving their place. How do you use them for your business, site, or blog?

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You don’t need a visual designer

How many times have you looked at an infographic and only wished you could create something that good? A keen eye for aesthetic is important, but the know-how with digital imagery software isn’t. You don’t have to buy that Photoshop license just yet. Instead, take a look at the easily available and easily used apps specifically for creating things like Infographics.

Keep it focused

There’s one thing in particular that an infographic has over written content. Brevity. All the structuring, all the visual impact, it’s a draw towards content that is short, sweet, and too the point. There should be no massive text blocks on your infographic. Instead, use short snippets of trivia or quotes. Use the facts and the figures, perhaps with the occasional introductory paragraph to a section or a small written conclusion. Don’t use infographics to dress up a wall of text. If people want detailed text, they’ll just read a regular post. Infographics need it short and sweet or they end up highly unsuccessful.

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Be visual

It’s a visual medium, so don’t feel like you have to use text to communicate everything you’re trying to say. If you’re dealing with percentages or numbers, then display them visibly to give people a sense of perspective. It can be as simple as pie charts or bar charts, or you can get more creative, using colors to fill in a custom image. It’s best to keep those images simple and geometric. Too much detail and it can look messy. If you’re trying to communicate a chain of events or flowcharts, you don’t have to painstakingly draw out arrows leading from one event to the other. Check out this page for easily copied and pasted arrows that keep the content creation a lot simpler.

Make your mark

Infographics are a great way to get more information across without losing a reader’s interest. But don’t forget that one of their primary functions is to build your brand, whether it’s for you personally or for your business. Consider using your site or business’s logo and color scheme as the overarching visual style unifying it to the rest of your brand. Put your credit on there, too, perhaps going as far as to integrate into the visual design. There might be plenty of people sharing your work, but don’t let them scrub out the credit that should go to you.

33 Creative Ways to Visualize Ideas [Infographic]

Remember that an infographic is all about communicating ideas, but it’s also a way of marketing your business. Keep it as simple and as easy to follow as you can and don’t get too complicated visually, but ensure it has your own brand image front and center.

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