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Find Your Digital Identity Through Blogging

Ever romanced the idea of Blogging but too overwhelmed (for a myriad of reasons, some well-founded others confounded) to get started because you think you’ll fail even before kick off? I’m here to tell you blogging is not intimidating. It’s as easy & natural as the air you breath and the water you drink. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself. I’d even go so far as to say it helps you rediscover yourself, look at the world differently, appreciate it, absorb it, de-stress, reconnect with your passions and what drives you to live life the way it should be lived and in the process find inspiration from strangers, their perspectives and experiences and all the while knowingly or unknowingly creating new skills of your own and developing your own unique personality and digital Fingerprint!

If all this sounds as exciting to you as it does to me, you absolutely MUST start blogging! Get on your Laptop, check out successful Blog sites online, get started creating your own blog, do whatever you must before the feeling passes. Trust me, I have first-hand experience!

Where Passion Comes From


I’ve always enjoyed writing. English was my favourite subject in school and writing essays was my drug. I could not keep it short or sweet but had to have descriptive imagery and the clincher at the end! Maintaining a ‘Dear Diary’ at home ensured I continued my tryst with writing as a teenager. As I grew up and academics put demands on my time I found myself drifting away from writing and competing for high grades and scores in other subjects as well. I’d still volunteer and get nominated to write articles for the college magazines but these were infrequent.

If equal attention to other academic subjects loosened my bond with writing, getting a job and building a career that had nothing to do with writing destroyed it altogether. I found myself behind a desk (not the writer’s or editor’s desk like I would have imagined) but one that belonged in the Corporate world, analyzing data, employee productivity and sales figures. Numbers replaced my beloved Letters and Words and I soon began to realize no one cared much for speeches in the corporate world because figures and the bottom line was all that counted. So I kept my emails short and my opinions to myself. Every now and then, old habits died hard with me and I’d put my thoughts on email – something that both fascinated and annoyed my supervisors and colleagues at work. More often than not those emails got jobs done but not without touching a few nerves first.

Keeping The Flame Lit


Fast-forward to the Fall of 2015. While still working the ‘Analytical Life’ as I like to call it, fate took an interesting turn. I met the love of my life, my husband! I quit my job, left my country, took a 35-hour flight to the U.S, which I now call home and here I am blogging about all the things I love. I rediscovered all the things – Music, Travel, Fitness, Perspective and much more – I had no time to think about in a 24/7 career. Blogging is so liberating. It’s no longer just me and my ‘Dear Diary’ now. There’s an entire community of bloggers out there with thoughts flowing like rivers and perspectives waiting to come alive.

To say it’s liberating doesn’t do blogging justice. To wake up every morning, open up my laptop , tick off the next blog I’m going to work on, my mind running 10 steps ahead planning research, the thrill of learning something completely new during research and anticipating publication of my articles is an amazing feeling!! The biggest gift is that writing and blogging, like art and other inventions, is a legacy, a beautiful legacy you give to the world today, still there for you to admire tomorrow and which ultimately survives you. And there is no better feeling than that! So if you ever feel that itch to Blog scratch it now or forever hold your peace. Amen.


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