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How to Create an App For Free

Every day, mobile phone users spend a substantial amount of their free time in apps. In addition, more and more people use them for business purposes. The number of applications in the Apple App Store and Google Play is continuously growing. New ambitious startups appear here and there, trying to conquer the digital world with their innovative products.

Have an app idea?

So you have an app idea and want to make a bajillion bucks

When it comes to creating a new application, the question of app development cost becomes especially acute. The price can vary significantly depending on the type of app, its functionality, complexity and design. The cost is also influenced a lot by the hourly rate developers charge. It relies greatly on the location of the development team, their experience, company size and other various factors. For example, if we speak about the dependence of the rate on the team’s location, we should say that India remains the destination for those looking for the lowest price. Here you can find developers that charge $10-12 per hour. However, remember that you will get what you pay for. Don’t expect to receive a top-quality app for a couple of hundred dollars, when you know that its real price is ten times higher, in fact. You can find developers in Europe who will charge $25-35 for an hour of their work. There are also some specialists in the USA with an hourly rate that goes beyond $100. As you see from the examples, the price varies substantively from country to country, from company to company and even from case to case.

It is quite possible that you can come up with an app idea and lack the funds needed to implement it. Though some people think that it’s a dead end and give up on their plans, others keep their head up and believe that they will achieve their goal. If you belong to the second type, keep on reading to discover how to develop an app for free.

Different strokes for different folks

If you cannot cover the expenses app development presupposes, you have a couple of other options. The first one is to go to a crowdfunding website and try to raise money for your project. Another way is to use one of the free app making services available on the Internet. Choose what works best for you.


So You Want To Crowdfund Your Startup App?

Collaborative funding via the web becomes extremely popular in the conditions of growing economy. To raise funds, you should have an idea that will be catchy for people. You will not only need to prepare an effective presentation, a clear and captivating description and a viral promo video of your project, but also put efforts into your marketing campaign. Your task is to make it easy for people to discover your product on the websites which are convenient for them. The most popular places of this kind are:

  • Crowdfunder. The largest platform for investors that is growing extremely quickly. Here you can get funding for your project if it is noticed.
  • Kickstarter. It’s a place where a creative project can get donation-based funding.
  • Peerbackers. It’s a site for entrepreneurs and innovators. They launched Crowdfunding Academy to educate people about relevant matters.
  • Indiegogo. This platform has a broader scope of acceptable projects than Kickstarter and they are very flexible. Generally speaking, it accepts almost all ideas without reviewing them.
  • Rockethub. It is another collaborative funding website where creative projects can get money. LaunchPad and FuelPad programs that work there allow the owners of campaigns to cooperate with potential marketing and promotion partners, which can be very beneficial for the future of an application.

It is a good idea to start your marketing campaign after defining who your potential customers are. From there you will learn where and how to promote your to-be product.

Free app makers

It is also possible to make an app for free with the help of various services where you can build an application using a no cost version of the platform or its trial plan. There are numerous opportunities of this kind on the Internet and further we will describe a few of the most popular ones.

How can I start creating my own App using Appy Pie?

Appy Pie, probably the most popular mobile app creator out there, is a service that enables users to build and even monetize various kinds of apps for such platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It has a highly intuitive interface, so users who have no experience in creating applications should have no problems while using it for the first time. The service offers a range of templates to choose from. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes the process of creation simple and fun. However, you cannot remove the Appy Pie branding from the application you build, you won’t be able to publish it under your developer account and edit the app that is already created. As you get to make your application for free, you have to sacrifice something.

How to make a mobile app in 25 min – For FREE with Appmakr!

Another service that will let you create an app for iOS, Android and Windows devices for free is called Appmakr. Though its website may not seem appealing at first, don’t leave right away, since the platform offers its users a possibility to build an unlimited number of HTML5 applications in its free version. You can customize the apps you create, update them and even insert your logo. Still, in the free plan of the service the AppMakr branding cannot be removed from your application.

Build an app in an hour with BuildFire

Buildfire is another good platform for creating an application that wouldn’t cost you a penny. By the way, if you ever decide to upgrade at Buildfire, you will be pleased to discover that its subscription plans are the most affordable on the market. The service lets you make an app in under ten minutes, implementing templates from the industry you choose. Here you can integrate Bluetooth, social media networks and third party services. Still, not everything is perfect. To download the finished app you have to switch to a paid version. What’s more, your commercial capabilities are also limited in the free plan.

There are other services that let you create an application at no cost, such as Mobincube, iBuildApp, AppsBar etc. As you can see, such platforms allow you to build a simple custom application easily and quickly without any payments required. You can use the drag-and-drop functionality and a template that fits your project well. Yet, you should bear in mind that such services are lock-in platforms. You won’t have a possibility to integrate unique features into your app, as well as update or change its functions after it’s created. Design options are also limited here.

All Is Possible

How to build your own App Store: Attracting Developers

If there’s a will, there’s a way. If you come up with a great app idea, don’t give up on it. Now you know how to create an app for free, so if you work hard and if the world needs your product, there will definitely be a way for you to implement it. You can start the hunt for investors, launch a crowdfunding campaign or use one of the free services to build your application. And since it is never late to learn, you can study programming and develop your app at no cost in the long run! No matter which way you choose, think through your idea thoroughly and make sure your potential customers will need your product. Have a great app!

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