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Find the Most Exciting Mobile Games of 2015

With advancements in miniaturization and mobile technology, the popularity of mobile gaming continues to rise. Developers realize that creating visual and highly-complex games is now more possible with phones like the iPhone 6 because they can take advantage of bigger, clearer screens and faster processors. Now that we are more equipped than ever, here are just a few of the top games of 2015 you can enjoy on your shiny new device:

Sorcery! 3

This third installment in the four-part series looks to be the best game so far. Based on the popular adventure gamebook by Steve Jackson, this latest game features a completely open-world environment, thousands of quests, action-based changes, spells, battles and even time travel.


Butterscotch Studios moves to a new level with this open-world, adventure and survival game that takes place amid a heart-wrenching, real-life backstory. Featuring a detailed narrative, crafting, exploration, base building, creature taming and tactical battling, this game is the first of its kind to be developed exclusively for mobile gaming.

Does Not Commute

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill and adventure of rush hour traffic right on your phone? Now you can. This incredibly deep, tactical driving game is unlike anything else. Progress through increasingly difficult levels as you drive cars through various routes in heavier and heavier traffic based entirely on your previous actions. With timed levels and dozens of cars in your control, each with different abilities and handling, you will quickly get sucked into this one-of-a-kind game.

Under the Sun

This unique game has you solve increasingly complex puzzles to advance to the next level. As a cast away, you must use your environment to solve the puzzles within a certain amount of moves. Adding to the difficulty is a feature that lets you advance or rewind time, which changes the environment as you progress. You can purchase this game from iTunes.

Heavenstrike Rivals

This game from Square Enix is fast becoming one of the most popular mobile games. It is a tactical RPG that features real time strategic battles, rich storytelling, hundreds of fully-animated units to capture and train and a rich PvP advancement system. This is a must have for any serious gamer.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Based on one of the most popular and best-selling Star Wars games of all time, Aspyr Media has updated the playthrough and graphics to create a new masterpiece. Battle and quest your way through the world created by George Lucas and choose which path you want to take. Your every action affects your alignment, which in turns affects your future options throughout the game. Get this game from Google Play or iTunes.

The Sims FreePlay

While not new for 2015, EA continues to develop and update its popular Sims game year after year. You can create your avatar, design your life, make friends and enemies, cultivate relationships, go to work, buy a house and make your Sims do anything you want. You also have the ability to connect with your real-world friends and the lives they have created in the Sims universe. Find this updated game for your Windows Phone.

With the increasing amount and variety of mobile games, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for something entirely new or a port from your favorite PC or console game. So, grab your smartphone and start gaming!

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