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Is Apple Preparing for a Smartwatch War?

The Apple smartwatch is one of the most iconic innovations of modern times, and it currently leads a new and burgeoning marketplace. While it may be dominant at present, however, we may be on the verge of an innovation war that will see the market explode and drive incredible levels of competition between a host of different brands.

The catalyst for this will be the release of a Casio Smartwatch, which is currently pencilled in for March, 2016. With Sony and Samsung already representing the Android share of the market and opposing the dominance of Apple, the introduction of a brand new player with unique selling features and a fresh perspective is likely to serve as kindling to an open fire. Apple is most likely aware of this, and already making plans for its short and long-term future.


As if to underline this fact, Apple recently refreshed its Apple Watch range for the consumer market. Although the primary change unveiled at the recent launch event for the iPhone 6s and the next-generation Apple TV revolved around the introduction of brand new colours, the brand has also taken the bold and yet understated decision to eliminate some of its original customisation options. These changes may be relatively small, but they herald the beginning of a new generation for the increasingly popular smart watch.

In terms of colour changes, Gold and Rose Gold colour options have been added to Apple Watch range, matching two of the most striking shades used to distinguish the new iPhone 6s. In addition to this, the Apple Watch will also no longer be sold with the green or pink sports bands, as these have not been immediately well received by customers. The stainless steel casing available with the black sports band option has also been culled and removed from the constantly evolving online store, and while these will be made available separately they will cost considerably more.


In terms of adding new straps, Apple has also decided to embellish the luxury end of the market. This includes the integration of a luxurious leather band from Hermes, which is expected to have considerable appeal among higher-end customers. We can expect further changes too in the next six months and beyond, especially once the Casio smartwatch has been released in March and Apple develops a clearer understanding of the product.

With the wide variety of games available online and in the app market, whether you are a hardcore gamer or enjoy a playing casually on apps like Candy Crush, this is certainly the market to watch in 2015. We are certainly on the brink of a smartwatch war, and the expertise of Casio could well blow the market wide open.

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