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Different Options To Stream Indian TV Serials Abroad

Have you recently moved to another country and now you can’t watch your favorite Indian TV serials? Are you a fan of shows like Bigg Boss, Crime Patrol, and Office Office? Either way, you should know that all hope isn’t lost in streaming Indian TV shows online. 

Why Can’t You watch Indian TV Serials Abroad?

Before knowing how to stream Indian TV serials abroad, you should first understand why it’s more challenging than usual to watch your favorite Indian shows online. 

First, certain streaming services have geo-restrictions in place. These rules ensure people enjoy the ideal streaming conditions when they play videos in a certain location, which is, in this case, India. Note that you’ll hit a digital wall if you attempt to view content when these geo-restrictions are in effect.

For example, you might be in Australia or Malaysia, and you want to watch Hostages on Hotstar. But, you’ll get certain messages, like:

  • This content isn’t available in your region.
  • The service is unavailable at your location.
  • Please try playing a different title. 
  • It seems the video has some trouble playing. 

These error messages persist until you can bypass the geo-restriction. Thankfully, you can use certain techniques to go through this digital wall and stream your favorite TV serials.  

How to Stream Indian TV Serials Abroad?

1. Use a VPN

Should I Use a VPN to Stream Sports?

Note that several online resources, like Security Gladiators, exist to help you stream Indian TV serials online with a VPN. But, here’s a quick overview of the process.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a virtual tunnel that helps encrypt your IP address while you’re using the Internet. Think of your device’s IP address as a physical address. Hence, if HDisney+, Hotstar, or other Indian streaming services detects that your IP address isn’t from India, Malaysia, Australia, USA, or the UK, you’ll get those error messages mentioned previously.  

Use a VPN to ‘mask’ your device’s IP address, so the streaming services’ servers will think you’re watching content from the locations without the geo-restrictions. In other words, even if you’re in Japan, you just need to use a reliable VPN app to encrypt your IP address to an Indian, Malaysia, Australia, USA, or UK address.  Thus, even if you’re in ‘The Land of the Rising Sun,’ you can still catch up on your favorite Indian TV serials using a reliable and secure VPN service. 

2. Buy a Flash Router

Use a VPN if you want a relatively inexpensive way to stream your favorite Indian shows. You may also want to consider a more expensive technique to help you bypass the streaming portals’ geo-restrictions.

This solution is a flash router, a device that looks like a regular router but with a built-in VPN. Think of it as a two-for-one deal when you purchase this device. 

First, you can bring the advantages of wireless Internet to your home. Next, you can use the router’s proprietary VPN app to stream anonymously. However, keep in mind that in some cases, you might encounter some speed and performance issues. 

VPNs act as another waypoint for your connection to reach its destination. In other words, instead of your connection going from Point A to Point C in a straight, uninterrupted line, it’ll have to go through Point B first. Hence, you might encounter some slowdowns and stability issues. But choosing a reliable flash router and VPN service will help mitigate this issue. 

Also, ensure that you have the extra cash on your budget to buy this device. It’s because flash routers tend to be quite expensive, especially if you want to buy the high-end models. 

3. Stream Through a Third-Party App

Perhaps you recently heard about one of Mindy Kaling’s TV show called Never Have I Ever. But you can’t seem to find this serial in certain streaming portals. 

If so, you can use third-party apps to search for the serials you want to watch. But, keep in mind that this technique might take some trials-and-error. It’s because each app’s lineup of shows tends to be quite different from the next. However, a little research beforehand may help solve this concern.  

Also, some third-party apps may also have geo-restrictions in effect. If so, consider using a VPN with these applications to help you stream shows without getting hindered by these limitations. 

Final Words

You can use a VPN app, flash router, or third-party application to stream Indian TV serials abroad. So, if you want to watch shows on HDisney+, Hotstar, or other online Indian streaming services, you can do so with any of these options. 

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