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3 Movies Every Roulette Player Has to Watch at Least Once

When you think about your favourite casino games to play, does roulette come out top of the list? Does the classic table game always draw you in and capture your attention? There’s just something so exciting about the sound of the wheel spinning, the ball being dropped in, the slowing down of the wheel and then that inevitable sound it makes when it lands. It’s thanks to all these features that the game of roulette has shown up in plenty of movies over the years, even playing a prominent role in key scenes.

If you consider yourself the ultimate fan of roulette and can’t get enough of it, here are three movies you will want to watch.

Indecent Proposal

Here’s a movie that was huge during the early 1990s but has faded from view over time. Back in 1993, Indecent Proposal was released and starred A-listers Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford. The movie involves a married couple (Harrelson and Moore) heading to Las Vegas to try to strike it rich. To do that, they spend their life savings on roulette. This is where things get crazy and Redford enters the scene to offer them an “indecent proposal” that would cure their money woes.

The main game in this movie is roulette, showcasing its ups and downs for what they are. It comes down to pure luck with this game.

Diamonds Are Forever

Why not take a trip back in time to when James Bond ruled the movie scene? Diamonds Are Forever was released back in 1971 and starred Sean Connery as the iconic 007. Bond is off on a mission in Las Vegas, which means you can expect a whole lot of casino action in this movie. It has that luxe elegant vibe that the casinos had in the 70s, making for a fun watch. 

To this day, many will argue that Connery was the best of all the Bonds, making his movies true classics and worth watching again. Just don’t be surprised if this one sparks an interest for you to visit an online casino such as spincasino.com to get your gaming fix.


Talk about taking a step back in movie history – another one that famously features a roulette scene, and casino gaming in general, is Casablanca. Not only is this one a great one for those with a love of roulette, but it is also perfect for any movie lover out there with an appreciation for the classics. Casablanca is consistently rated among the best movies ever made and, despite the fact that it was released in 1942, it has managed to hold up exceptionally well even today. It’s hard to believe it’s only about 20 years away from its 100th anniversary.

This one can be described as drama and romance taking place during wartime in Casablanca, Morocco. It has suspense, complications, drama, romance and wraps up with an ending that will pull at the heart strings. In other words, you’re getting a bit of everything here.

Why not feed your love of roulette and work your way through this fabulous list of movies?

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