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10 So Far the Most Memorable MCU Moments from the Star Wars Series

Superhero movies have become a favourite of many movie watchers. However, we see that it is usually between DC and Marvel movies as they have many excellent choices. 

Irrespective of your favourite, the Star Wars series have become a top choice for many people globally.  If anyone is asked to list their Marvel movies in order, you are sure to have the Star Wars series in their top choices. 

This article will list some of the most memorable moments from the series. If you have watched this movie before, we are sure that you will agree with our list. 

If you have not watched it, you will need to do so as you are missing out on a lot. 

Here are the top 10 moments that are to be remembered forever: 

1. The fall of Jedha City 

Everything about this moment in the movie is memorable as it leaves you gripping the edge of your seats. We see that the heroes in the film are trying to stop this Jedha city destruction, but you cannot predict if they will be successful. It allows you to feel all types of emotions yet still enjoy the movie. 

2. Vader’s massacre

While watching this movie, one can tell that Vader is dangerous, and anyone would want to stay away from him. But, no one knows the true extinction of his powers until they reach this part of the movie.

It is a scene that leaves mouths agape as no one expects it. Anyone who has watched the Star Wars series will have this moment as one of their top moments as it is not easily forgettable. 

3. When Vader reveals that he is Luke’s father

Did anyone see that coming? Of course not! It is one of the biggest plot twists of the series. Fanatics of this movie will easily remember the line ‘“Luke, I Am Your Father.’ It came as a surprise to both Luke and the viewers. Therefore, leaving one to wonder what other twists to expect. 

4. Yoda Lifts the X-Wing

We see that there is a close relationship between Yoda and Luke. However, Yoda looks quite old and fragile.

Thus, no one would have ever expected him to have the strength to lift the X-wing, but he did it. Yet, Luke, who is supposed to be more energetic, could not do it. 

5. Leia strangles Jabba the Hutt

Leia has been Jabba’s prisoner, but she managed to free herself and help with the rescue plan for Han. She may come off as shy, but her acting in this role is not easily forgettable. 

6. Vader Promotes Piett

Many people will argue that there was no need for the promotion. Piett has been a junior officer but keeps role climbing whenever his superiors have an issue with Vader. 

Was he the one plotting the problems, or is it just a coincidence? Whatever the reason, he got a promotion from Vader and is now a top official.

7. Lando’s Introduction

Lando is such a memorable character in the Star Wars series, mainly because of his playful nature. He isn’t someone that anyone can call a true friend. 

However, his character would also make you laugh, irrespective of what he is doing. So, his introduction into the series makes one of the most memorable moments. 

8. When Leia came to the rescue again 

It is easy to underestimate Leia, but we see that most of her roles in the Star Wars series are memorable. She is always coming through for Luke in unique ways that you can never forget. So, if you ever try to underestimate Leia, you are doing it at your risk.

9. May The Force Be With You 

It is a saying that rings almost all through the movie. Now, we have people saying it globally in various instances. 

Some people even have it as a birthday wish to their friends. So, one can say that a movie has an impact when people add some of its sayings to their vocabulary. 

10. When Han Rescues Luke 

It happened when Vadar was about to shoot Luke and his team. This part is memorable because no one could have ever expected Han to come in for a rescue mission.


The Star Wars series will always remain a classic globally. Some people may say that you live under a rock if you dare say you have never watched this movie. To relate to these memorable moments, you should watch it now!

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