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10 So Far the Most Memorable MCU Moments from the Star Wars Series

Superhero movies have become a favourite of many movie watchers. However, we see that it is usually between DC and Marvel movies as they have many excellent choices.  Irrespective of


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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gaming Geeks

Valentine’s Day is a funny time of the year. Some people want to celebrate it like mad while others just want to treat the 14th of February like every other


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Coveted Loot Box Rewards Deemed Gambling: Is That Fair To Gaming?

At this point we’ve all played the lottery at some time or another. Scratch ticket here, raffle ticket there – nothing unusual to want to get something for nothing (or


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Ranking the 5 Best Geek Movies of All Time

Chances are you’ve seen hundreds, or make that thousands of movies in your life — and most of them have been forgettable. Actually, this isn’t that surprising when you consider



From Star Wars To Real Life: How Robots Are Becoming A Reality

For many years, robots have been around in science fiction movies. We all remember watching C-3PO and R2D2 gallivanting around the galaxy in Star Wars. I recall my younger self,


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At Home With Star Wars

There has long been a symbiosis between science and science fiction. Many scientists and technologists are also science fiction fans who yearn to make the visions that have enthralled and


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Does J.J. Abrams Have What it Takes to Keep the Star Wars Legacy Alive?

Star Wars fans are worried about the next film and that is perfectly natural. You would be worried whenever someone new comes to cut your hair. No? After you have