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The Informed PC User: The Benefits of Learning Basic Troubleshooting

You’re on a tight deadline, but your computer has frozen—again! What do you do?

While your first instinct might be to throw your laptop against a wall, the smart thing to do would be to learn basic troubleshooting skills for computers so this doesn’t happen again.

Once you learn more about how computers work, they’re less mysterious and they become easier to fix when things go wrong.

Ready to learn more? If so, keep reading to find some of the most important benefits to fixing your PC problems.

Mastering Basic Troubleshooting Can Save You Money

Avoid Pricey PC Repairs: Fix Your Computer Yourself

If you know how to fix computers, this is a useful skill that can save you money. On average, computer repairs cost around $65 an hour—for complex problems, this can add up quickly.

By learning about PC troubleshooting, you can solve some of your own computer problems instead of needing to pay for expensive repair services. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine—fixing problems while they’re small is much better than waiting for them to become bigger.

Become More Productive

Fixing your own computer problems can increase your productivity and save you time. If your computer is playing up, you’re likely to waste hours trying to figure out what’s wrong—becoming more and more frustrated.

Or, if your computer needs to be sent away for repairs, it could be gone for days or weeks. However, if you can fix your own computer problems, you can get back to work sooner.

You’ll Add New Skills to Your Resume

How Does a Self-Taught Computer Geek Get Hired?

Another great reason to learn computer repair skills is to add valuable skills to your resume. Employers are increasingly looking for new hires who have strong tech skills, so the more you know about computer repairs, the easier it can be for you to find work.

Consider enrolling in a tech repair class to learn a new skill, helping to increase your chances of employment. Be sure to let your employer know about your new skills as well, as it could even lead to further career advancements.

Help Your Colleagues

The Complete Guide to Giving Better Family Tech Support

Do your colleagues sometimes struggle with Chromebook problems or other teething computer issues? If so, they’re likely to be anxiously waiting for tech support to help them out.

If you really want to impress your colleagues or manager, then helping them out when they’re having computer problems is sure to be appreciated.

Start Learning Computer Troubleshooting Today

With so many great reasons to learn basic troubleshooting, why not get started today? There are plenty of ways to learn computer repair skills–you can search online for free courses, look for Youtube channels, or even take a class at a local community college.

Although it can take some time, and it might be stressful at times, it’s an amazing feeling to finally have the skills to repair your computer, with no help from anyone else!

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