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The New Epidemic: Cell Phone Addiction

Many people nowadays don’t go anywhere without their cell phone, but that doesn’t mean they are addicted to it. Cell phone addiction is based on obsessive-compulsive behavior, and there are certain indicators that can tell you whether you have a problem or not. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, it might be time to assess whether you have a cell phone addiction and if it needs to be addressed.

Do You Panic When You Can’t Find Your Cellphone?

Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone?

It’s normal to have a certain degree of panic when you can’t find your cell phone. After all, it has all of your contacts stored on it and cell phones cost a lot of money to replace. However, if you literally feel like you are going to die because you can’t find your cell phone, you may be addicted to it. Psychiatrists say cell phone addiction cell phone addiction is a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder — you can’t stand the thought of being without your cell phone.

Do You Pull Your Cell Phone Out At The First Sign Of Boredom?

iPhone Addiction: 6 Signs Your Smartphone Is Stressing You Out

A lot of people use cell phones to pass the time because it’s easy to download games and others entertaining apps. For instance, you see people playing Angry Birds, Whale Trail Frenzy, and Doodle Jump everywhere you go. However, you may have a cellphone addiction problem if you use your cell phone every single time you get bored. You should find joy in other things, such as hobbies. Cell phone addicts can be anti-social because of their obsessive cell phone use.

Do You Consider Siri One Of Your Best Friends?

My Best Friend Siri

One of the best cell phone features nowadays is voice-activated search. There is some form of it on all the new smartphones. If you want to find out information, all you have to do is push a button and verbally ask your phone a question. You’ll get a response in a matter of seconds. It’s faster than typing something into your browser and then scrolling through the results to find what you want. However, you need to remember that Siri is not a real person. If you consider Siri one of your best friends, you may have an addiction to cell phones.

Do You Check Your Cell Phone Hourly, Or More Frequently?


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay connected through email and text messages, but it’s a problem if you obsess over it. You may have a cell phone addiction if you are constantly looking for comments on Facebook, checking your email, or waiting for text messages. It is a huge waste of time, especially since most people don’t expect you to respond instantly in these circumstances. If something is important, they will call you.

These are just a few of the indicators of cell phone addiction. If you think you have a problem, you should try not using your phone for a day or two. If you can handle it, then you’re OK. If not, it may be time to seek help.

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